8 Fun Things to do in March ...


8 Fun Things to do in March ...
8 Fun Things to do in March ...

March is a busy time around here. The warmer days are a great segue into spring, the ground needs to be prepared for the garden, and the entire family is set on planning something funduring spring break. If you are looking for some excitement, then you might be interested in the list of 8 fun things to do in March that is posted below. Most are great for the whole family, but there might be one or two that are best enjoyed by adults.

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Join the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Dublin, Ireland – March 17th

What better place to spend St. Paddy’s Day than in Dublin? The parade starts at noon and is filled with very colorful characters, bands, and floats. The rest of the day can be spent taking in some sites or touring local stores. Evening is the best time to hit some of the popular pubs along the streets of Dublin to enjoy a brew or take in the traditional tunes being played for St. Patrick’s Day.


Enjoy a Movie at the Boston Underground Film Festival – March 24th to the 31st

If you’re looking for some provocative, independent, and experimental videos and films, then head to Boston for 8 days of sheer bliss. There are animated movies, documentaries, music videos, controversial flicks, political films, and an assortment of a few other types of movies to view.


National Truffle Fest in Asheville, North Carolina, USA – March 3rd to the 6th

I’ve been to Asheville and it is an absolutely gorgeous part of the US. Even if you don’t have much experience with truffles, this festival will prove to be interesting. Seminars on truffles are offered, as well as education on wine and culinary issues. There is a wine reception and dinner with wine and truffles. Chefs participate in a risotto competition, which ultimately leads up to the Chef’s and Vintner’s Gala filled with tasty food, wine, and plenty of dancing.


Go to the Manhattan Antique and Collectibles Triple Pier Expo in New York – Mid March

The Expo takes place during the middle of March over two weekends in a row. This might be rather boring to kids, but to avid hunters of antiques and collectibles this would be the ultimate weekend.


Marchfest at Founders Park in Nelson, New Zealand – March 26th

This festival not only brings out the best collection of craft beers from around Nelson, but an assortment of fantastic music acts as well. International, national, and local music groups fill Marchfest with some amazing sounds. For individuals not interested in beer, there are a few wines available for tasting instead. Tons of great food can also be consumed during this exciting time in New Zealand.


Cologne Carnival in Cologne, Germany – March 7th to the 9th

This massive carnival resembles what Americans know as Mardi Gras down in New Orleans. There is an amazing Rose Monday parade to get the carnival started. Due to the correlation of this carnival with Lent, the starting date of the Cologne Carnival varies from year to year. Most people dress up in colorful masks and costumes during the entire time the festival runs.


Maple Syrup Festival at Bruce’s Mill in Ontario, Canada – Starts March 5th

The festival runs from the 5th of March to the 10th of April. If you are looking for fresh maple syrup, the best time to go is during the week of March 14th to the 18th. Bruce’s Mill is located in Stouffville, Ontario and has a lot of activities to keep the whole family entertained. There are wagon rides, instructional courses on how to make maple syrup, a pancake meal, and lots of crafts.


Las Fallas in Valencia, Spain – March 15th to the 19th

This festival is 5 days of fires, explosions, and excitement in general. Extremely large, colorful puppets are created out of cardboard, paper mache, or anything that burns well and set up around the town. The puppets resemble political figures, satirical scenes, and some depict current events. On the last day of the festival each puppet is sent ablaze as a finale to the festival. Not only do these gorgeously constructed puppets burst into flames, but fireworks also shoot out from them as well. Talk about exciting!

These are all things that I would find fun and maybe some day I’ll get to take part in at least a few of the festivities listed above. Out of the 8 fun things to do in March that are listed above, which one would you be most likely to go to?

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Happy Womens Day on 8th March.

Don't forget SXSW music festival in Austin, TX!

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