5 Things to do when Bored...


5 Things to do when Bored...
5 Things to do when Bored...

So you're an intern and there are days when you have nothing to do. Don't worry, College Candy is here with great tips on "passing the time."

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Something Personal

How about some art for your lady bits? Okay, that sounds strange but it can be great fun, too! With Bikini Ink, you can have a girly butterfly or sparkly heart or even the initials of your lover.


Bored of your hair and bored of styling your hair in general? What you need is a pixie cut! Think: Michelle Williams. Here are more reasons for going for this style from A Mom in Red High Heels.


Well, this little survey is not really a quiz but it's a great way to know other bloggers. Of course, you can also go for online quizzes. There are tons out there.


Getting crafty is a great way to ward off boredom. I should know, I have a craft blog. The link here shows you how to make a calla lily embellished tank top. Pretty, I tell you.

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Vajazzle actually looks pretty! I don't think they'd do it here in India though. Boo

Don't you think that Ciara will look A-MAZing with a pixie? Thanks, as always, for the link love! xo

To be honest I read whatever is new for the day on here when I get bored!

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