5 Fun Ways to Pass the Time...

By Meream

5 Fun Ways to Pass the Time...

1 Make a Lovely Basket

Not the basket itself but the fabric, non-wicker parts. You need inspiration? Check out this wonderful Blue Monday Basket by Tommy. I love it.

2 Waste Hours on YouTube

I love watching babies laughing or babies eating lemon on YouTube. But here is another great way to waste time on YouTube: watching Twilight-inspired music videos!

3 Get into Green Crafting

Before you throw out that old magazine, consider the fact that you can probably make something pretty with it. How about a lovely wreath? Check out the link for a tutorial.

4 Cook Something

Check out this yummy grilled shrimp recipe and tell me you're not tempted! The best part, in my opinion, is that only stove-top grilling is needed.

5 Make a Pretty Garden

If I had a yard or a green thumb, I'd definitely start one. If you are thirsty for ideas, here are some from Gardening - All Women Stalk. Maybe I can look into container gardening...

We're sure you guys have read some wonderful posts lately on pastimes and hobbies. Share them with us!

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Thanks for the ideas.

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