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7 Unusual but Fun Ways to Earn Extra Money ...

By Melanie

By profession, I am a fulltime freelace writer. As much as I love my job, sometimes, I can't help but think of other ways to make money. Here are 7 unusual but fun ways to do just that. They may offer a nice little distraction from your regular career or just add a little more ka-ching in your pocket. Either way, you won't be complaining!

7 Become a Secret Shopper

Become a Secret ShopperPhoto Credit: Vol-au-Vent

This is where you go into a variety of different shops and pretend to be a real customer. There are a range of scenarios that may have to adhere to, such as being a really difficult customer in order to see how well the company can deal with you. There are plenty of secret shopping companies that you can sign up for online. Most often, you get to keep the goodies and get paid for the job as well. Win-win!

6 Lingerie Parties

Lingerie PartiesPhoto Credit: Steve Rhodes

A fun way to earn money is to host a lingerie party, where a representative comes to your house and shows you a large range of good lingerie. You supply wine and food, the representative puts on a show and then at the end your friends buy some of the goods. If you wanted you could even become a representative and visit people’s houses.

5 Civilians Who Play Different Roles for the Military

Civilians Who Play Different Roles for the MilitaryPhoto Credit: Tank Buster

Believe it or not civilians are paid to dress up in different outfits and play different roles for the military. For example, if conducting a terrorism exercise civilians may be asked to dress in certain ways so that they can re-enact events.

4 Searching for and Picking Truffles

Searching for and Picking TrufflesPhoto Credit: ~Nisa

Some truffles, the extremely rare ones, are very expensive and many people are needed to search for and pick them for restaurants or chefs. There are guides on picking truffles and where you can look to find them. In my opinion it is worth bearing in mind that there are other picking opportunities available to you, such as mushrooms and strawberries, these are particular interesting if you love the outdoors.

3 Take Part in Psychological Experiments

Take Part in Psychological ExperimentsPhoto Credit: aknacer

You will find that there are a large number of psychological experiments looking for participants. Some studies may require you to take some form of drug or involve sleep deprivation, whilst others may require you to complete questionnaires or test your reaction time to certain things. Always do your research and make sure it's safe!

2 An Extra for Television Programmes and Films

An Extra for Television Programmes and FilmsPhoto Credit: Fernando Gregory

There is always quite a high demand for television and film extras; there are numerous agencies that advertise. You may not get noticed when the program is filmed but it can be fun travelling around and appearing in certain takes. It also makes for a great conversation ice breaker.

1 Train Dolphin’s and Whales

Train Dolphin’s and WhalesPhoto Credit: Dolpcom

In my opinion this job could be so much fun; you are able to train dolphins and whales whilst earning money. The job can be hard work but very rewarding because you can spend time with amazing animals and also see the look of happiness on children’s faces when they watch the shows.

There you have 7 unusual but fun ways to earn extra money, they are especially good if you are feeling a little bored with your routine job but want to stay because it is secure. This way you can have fun on the side, make more money and know that you have a constant job in the background to pay the bills with. Can you think of any other ways, besides freelance writing?

Top Photo Credit: Ben Heine

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