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5 Cute Things to Start Your Week with...

By Meream

1 Edward and Bella's Baby

I am not a Twilight fan but I admit that I am a bit excited to see the last film only because I want to see who they will cast as Reneesme. She is a definite cutie. A bit scary but cute nonetheless.

2 Lacey and Lovely

How adorable are these dresses? I am loving the Laura Lace Dress but any of these lacey lovelies can be worn to that sweet first date.

3 Channel Selena Gomez

I think Selena Gomez is a total cutie. She has a gorgeous face and she dresses up nicely, too. If you want to channel her style, check out this link.

4 Jude Law and the Muppets

How cute is Jude Law on Sesame Street? Seriously, HOW ADORABLE IS HE? He tells kids the meaning of "cling" on the video. Tell us, would you be willing to cling to Jude all day? I imagine some of you nodding.

5 Ferns Are Friends

I don't know about you but I find ferns cute. My mom had those and I always liked touching them. When she was not looking. If you want to know how to grow them, check out this great link.

Found anything cute online lately? Will you please, please please share them with us? We'd be forever grateful!

Top Photo Credit: McD D Love

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