8 Things That Make Me Smile ...


8 Things That Make Me Smile ...
8 Things That Make Me Smile ...

I can think of a number of things that make me smile. Of course my kids, husband, as well as the many friends and family members I have are always good at making me smile. I've listed below an additional 8 things that make me smile, no matter what type of day I'm having.

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Receiving a Much Needed Phone Call from a Friend

I have one of those friends who seem to be able to read my mind. She'll instantly call the moment I'm feeling blue. I'm sure some of you know what I'm talking about. Many people have friends who are close to them and then there is that special one who always seems to know exactly when you need someone to tell you something that will make you smile.


Getting Seed Catalogs in the Mail

There is a stack of seed catalogs located next to my desk at all times. Some of them are missing pages, but they never leave the stack unless the newest version from the same seed company can be put in its place. Peeking into the glass front on the mail box and seeing the flower-laden cover of a seed catalog never ceases to put a smile on my face.


The Arrival of New Plants and Seeds in the Mail

The next best thing to getting a seed catalog in the mail is when the plants or seeds ordered from said catalog finally arrive. Even though I know exactly what is inside the package, I still can't keep the smile from creeping across my face. There's something very exciting about getting a package filled with seeds and plants to put in my garden.


Finding Money in the Pocket of an Old Pair of Pants

Tell me you haven't been thrilled when you've stuck your hand in the pocket of a pair of jeans and pulled out a handful of money. I've only found a 20 dollar bill one time, but usually I at least find a couple of dollars; five if I'm really lucky. Don't you immediately start thinking about what you can do with your new found fortune?


Watching the Cats Play

Seeing the cats play a game of tag in the kitchen can keep me entertained for quite some time. I like watching them reach under the fridge to pull out a dust bunny that has been hiding under there for who knows how long. They stare at the ball of fuzzy dust as if they've just found a wondrous object. My cats can always make me smile, just by being themselves.


Baby Animals

How can someone look at a baby animal and frown? Not me. All of them make me smile; baby rabbits, kittens, puppies, chicks, foals, calves, and even baby mice. I had a baby opossum crawl through the kitchen window last summer and even that funny looking little thing made me smile!


Discovering a New Bloom on a Flowering Plant

An unopened bloom always reassures me that my plants are still doing well. I can see their green foliage all spring and summer, but it isn't until that first bloom appears that I truly know they are doing alright. I think most of my photographs taken during the spring and summer months are of new blooms that appear in my flower garden.


Seeing the Sun Shine outside

There's nothing more invigorating than waking up to a sunny day. Seeing a ray of sunlight peek through the window blinds brings a smile to my face. Watching the sun come up over the distant hills is the best way to start the day, in my opinion.

I hope this list of 8 things that make me smile inspire you to think of things in your life that make you smile too. Even the littlest things in life seem to make me happy and I'm very thankful for that. I'm extremely easy to please, which might be why so many things make me smile! What are some things that put a smile on your face when you need it most of all?

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"Finding money in the pocket of an old pair of pants" It also makes me happy all the time,:-)

Receiving phone call does it. And also finding the money in the pocket. hehehe

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