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7 Most Hilarious Animals

By Mercy

I enjoy animal watching as much as I do people watching. Seriously, they have the ability to make even the most humorless people laugh and I could just sit there for hours and watch them do their thing. And in some cases, it's not so much about what they do as it is about how they look. Who are these strange but funny looking animals I'm talking about? Read this list of 7 most hilarious animals and find out for yourself.

1 The Blobfish

The blobfish is rarely seen by humans thanks to the fact that it dwells in very deep waters off the coast of Australia and Tasmania. The density of its gelatinous body is just a little bit more than that of water and that's what ensures its survival and movement. The reason it has made it to this list of most hilarious animals is because when you look at it, it looks like a cartoon of a disgruntled man, complete with a blob-shaped nose and downwards pointing mouth. Aww. Why so glum?

2 Alpaca

The alpaca is native to South America and live at high altitudes. It is very similar to the sheep in that it has a fleece coat that is used to make woolen garments and blankets. It also has an extraordinarily long neck. What makes matters even more hilarious is that apart from black and white, the alpaca has numerous other shades! Now try to create an image of what I've just described in your head. Funny, yes?


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3 Aye-aye

This creature is certainly one of the most hilarious animals there is out there. Apart from having a ridiculous name, this native of Madagascar has rodent like teeth, goblin like eyes and long thin fingers and it functions like a woodpecker. It will almost remind you of Gollum from The Lord of the Rings trilogy. "My precious!"

4 Axolotl

Remember how in cartoons when someone would hold their breath, their face would turn red and inflate to an enormous size? Well this Mexican salamander looks exactly like that! Breathe little Axolotl, breathe!

5 Proboscis Monkey

Have you ever seen a monkey that has a long proboscis for a nose? Even imagining it is sure to make you giggle. Well, what you find funny actually turns the female proboscis monkey on. The longer the proboscis the better. Sounds suspiciously similar to another species we know no? :D

6 Star Nosed Mole

The star nosed mole is a native of North America. Its most distinctive feature is its nose which is actually a circle of 22 fingers. These fingers are mobile and shocking pink in color and are fleshy to touch. They serve an important purpose which is helping the mole find his food, but that doesn't make the nose any less funny (or creepy!).

7 Angora Rabbit

While Angora rabbits are one of the oldest breeds of rabbits that have been domesticated and have been very popular with the French royalty in the mid 1700s, they certainly are extremely funny to look at. Known for their soft, long fur, they can best be described as an elaborate hairdo gone wrong!

There are actually many more animals that are extremely funny to look at, but this list of 7 most hilarious animals cannot possibly cover them all. What hilarious looking animals have you come across in your lifetime?

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