5 Things to Make You Smile ...

By Meream

5 Things to Make You Smile ...

Fun Prints for Spring

Take a look at the top photo and tell us if these clothes are not making you happy. I think I want them floral shorts and white sheer top.

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Who here is not a fan of the Ellen Show? Of course you are! If you're having a pretty bad day, here are videos that will keep you from going crazy.


Sometimes, learning new things and realizing that they don't make sense or kinda cool can make you smile. These funny superstitions are great examples.


You work out so that you'll look great. It makes sense, then, that you look great while working out, right? Check out the link for haute workout gear.


Petunies are gorgeous flowers. I love the variety in colors, too. If you want to have them blooming in your garden, read up on great tips.

I hope that these made your day just a tad better!

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Strange superstitions......In India we believe the same about itching palm like Kenia.

Hot workout gear:)

Flipping through the cable network and I stumbled on Ellen's show then..that really makes my day. Cheers! Alex