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7 Fun Viral Videos of the past Year ...

By Lyndsie

I love viral videos. Quite often, the Tubes suck me in for hours and hours – I think I've mentioned before, I sometimes get hypnotized by the Numa Numa guy. 2010 was a great year for viral videos, and I've found 7 of them that make me literally LMAO. I hope you get some chuckles too!

1 Double Rainbow Guy

Oh this guy. This guy is awesome. What's really funny about this to me is that maybe a week before I first watched it, there was a double rainbow over my house! And I had much the same reaction, I admit. Okay, I didn't cry or anything, but I did freak out just a little bit and it's possible I even yelled out, “What does it meeeaaan?!?”

2 Willow Smith, “Whip My Hair”

It stands to reason that any child made out of the composite parts of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith would be awesome. Jaden Smith is shaping up to be a fine little actor, and Willow Smith only took a week to take the entire world by storm. My hair isn't long enough to whip, exactly, but if it was, I am quite sure I would be dancing right along with the girl.

3 Ginger Rallying Cry

Hahahaha! I don't even know what to say about this. I have to wonder if this poor kid is seriously in earnest, because if he is, this is just full of irony. Matt and Trey love causing reactions, and their ginger opinions definitely got a big one. This is like Chris Crocker begging mercy for Britney Spears. For the record, though, I do not agree with South Park's opinion about gingers. I do, however, know a girl who fits that description. She dates the Better Half's work nemesis, and let's just say they're a perfect match.

4 Pants on the Ground

American Idol gives birth to so many iconic scenes. This is maybe the funniest thing I've seen on there since William Hung. Actually, it may even be funnier, judging from the fact that I just watched it another five times.

5 50 Cent's PR Awesome Sauce

I don't even know what to say about this. Although, I do have to admit that as lots of other bloggers are saying, 50 Cent really does know an awesome PR move when he sees it. Not that he needs it, but this will certainly help.

6 Grayson Chance, “Paparazzi”

Okay, I don't listen to Justin Bieber. I only mention that because so many people compare Greyson Chance to the kid. However, I could listen to this boy sing all day. That voice is drop dead gorgeous. This is a boy who needs to be praised for his voice 24/7, and I hope it brings him the best of luck, because it's certainly bringing pleasure to listeners all over the world. I also love watching the faces of the girls in the background.

7 OK Go, “This Too Shall Pass”

I just adore OK Go. They are so inventive! I never would have thought they could beat that treadmill video, but with their fabulous Rube Goldberg Machine, they've definitely succeeded. Plus the song is awesome too!

These are just the viral vids that I found hilarious or meaningful from the past year. What about you? Want to share your faves?

Top Photo Credit: scottyhendo

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