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5 Great Things to Start December with...

By Meream

1 Read Your Horoscope

I'm not a huge fan of horoscopes but I know some of you lovely ladies are. If you want to know how your December will be like, today will be a great time to read what the stars say about your life.

2 Cook Something Warm

A recipe using your leftover Thanksgiving dishes is what you need. Here is a wonderful leftover turkey soup recipe to get you started.

3 Bundle up Buys

It's getting colder and colder so you most definitely need accessories to keep you warm all day. Here are some things you might want to check out.

4 Decorate with Plants

This is something my mum loves to do because she loves her plants. If you want to use plants in decorating your home, here are tips to help you.

5 Cook Gifts

We don't suggest you start cooking now because they might get stale by the 25th of December. But now would be a great time to decide what treats to give to your friends.

Are you excited for Christmas? What things are you doing now to make this a December to remember?

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