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5 Grey Things That Will Make Your Day ...

By Meream

1 Millionaire's Concrete

Kings of Leon's bassist Jared Followill bought himself a pretty impressive home in Tennessee. The exterior is in grey and brown, stone and wood. It's a bit too modern but the interior is to die for.

2 Topshop Saloon Spring Summer 2010

I think I will make this my daily uniform come summer. Isn't it just perfect? I will watch out for these pieces once they are made available on our local Topshop.

3 All Grey and Gay

Wondering what fashion items look great in this color? Wonder no more because College Candy is here to guide you. I think I want all items featured here. Even the gloves.

4 Braided Mesh Bracelet on the Cheap

Leave it to Erika to find the best budget versions of wonderful fashion finds. I particularly like this post because the budget version is in grey.

5 Slate Grey and All Things Lovely

That is how I would describe the Android Pure Pigment by Illamasqua. I think the color is pure beauty. Tavia agrees with me.

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