5 Things to Fear and How to Conquer Them...


5 Things to Fear and How to Conquer Them...
5 Things to Fear and How to Conquer Them...

Fear of Losing Yourself

We have here a review of Eat, Pray, Love, a book I've wanted to read for a long time. If you have not read the book, Liz's experiences in Italy, India, and Bali might help you regain your sense of self.

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Fear of Monsters

Okay, I am very much familiar with the aswang because I am from the Philippines. I have heard all sorts of aswang stories growing up and they might have scarred me a bit. What I didn't know was that they do not like semen. INTERESTING.


Wanna know how Gretchen (The Happiness Project) avoids the downward spiral that seems to come with feeling like a big failure? She embraces it! This is probably very hard to do but it seems to be a good idea.


This is for those who have young kids. Teri Hatcher has an interesting tip on how to avoid public tantrums. She stresses not having a reward system (i.e. never promising a reward for behaving appropriately). Do you agree with her?


Now this is something I can totally relate with. Kudos to Jill for choosing to face her fears this month. I wonder what next week's challenge will be.

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definitly fear of losing yourself.......ive been there an it really is tough an im not just saying that its horrible you jus have to beyour self all the time an no matter what always do the right thing!an this is all coming from my heart i really wish the old me was back.:(i feel dark an like im in someone elses body like a shell an im scared!please take my advice .... i would never want anyone to feel like this.......

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