7 Ways to Guarantee a Long Glamorous Life ...


7 Ways to Guarantee a Long Glamorous Life ...
7 Ways to Guarantee a Long Glamorous Life ...

Your lifestyle habits can make a big difference to your future health and wellbeing. Things such as your weight, cholesterol level, blood pressure and stress levels are all factors which can cause your body to feel run down, and to be more likely to suffer with illnesses as you get older. Changing these doesn’t have to be a big lifestyle change, though, these simple steps can help to keep you feeling fit, healthy and happy...

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Avoid Smoke

Avoid Smoke Photo Credit: lanier67

Second hand smoke can be just as bad for you as smoking yourself...it still increases your risk of heart attack, and causes your arteries to narrow. It also has the same ‘immediate’ response as smoking yourself, without the nicotine hit. Avoid friends who are smoking, and Smokey places, and preserve your health. It really is so, so important...cigarettes do serious damage, so do all you can to avoid them.


Enjoy Some Fat

Enjoy Some Fat Photo Credit: {JO}

Monosaturated fat is actually really good for you. It’s necessary in your daily diet anyway, and it helps to get rid of cholesterol, which can be stored in your arteries otherwise. So make sure that your diet does include this type of fat! It’s usually found in avocados, peanut butter, nuts and fish such as salmon.


Work out

Work out Photo Credit: neloqua

Intense exercise that makes your heart pump help to reduce the risk of future heart problems, and keep your weight under control. Do four four minute bursts on a treadmill, followed by three minutes of a lower-paced run, to really get your heart working. You’ll also find your stamina will improve, and you’ll get great legs!



Disconnect Photo Credit: Johnathan!

Always being ready to receive an email or text pumps your body full of adrenaline, and a stress hormone called cortisol. High levels of these hormones can cause high blood pressure, which can harden your arteries over time. Give yourself a few hours at least once a week where you are not connected, and give your mind time to recover. Soaking in the bath is my perfect choice!


Be Optimistic

Be Optimistic Photo Credit: ansy

See the glass as half full. Optimistic people are generally a lot healthier, with lower death rates and healthier hearts. Being positive helps you to avoid bad habits, where as pessimists will always be tempted by them, and will see the worst in other people too, stirring up those stress hormones again. Smile, and take life as it comes. You’ll feel better for it!


Don’t Be Sedentary

Don’t Be Sedentary Photo Credit: Veronika Lake

There are times when we just can’t help being sat down for a large proportion of the day, but try to break this up by walking to the toilets, using the stairs, doing stretches...anything which gets you moving, even just a little bit. It’ll get your blood pumping, and is generally much better for you then sitting down for long periods.


Be Friendly

Be Friendly Photo Credit: AgniMax

Being a social butterfly is actually very good for your health! Friends provide emotional support, and are great for being sounding boards when you are going through hard times. This reduces your bodies need to produce adrenaline...just make sure you stick with friends who are positive and supportive, or they could be bringing you down.

These tips don’t take long to implement, but you’ll really see the results! They are great for changing how your body works, and making yourself healthier both physically and emotionally. Who knew a luxurious bath was good for your health?! Have you got a tip for making your life longer and avoiding health problems? I’d love to hear it!

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