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7 Things Getting Older Has Taught Me ...

By Jennifer

A quick peek at the calendar tells me I am getting very close to being forty, and I’m delighted. I’m perfectly happy to be who I am now, and I’d rather be here in this stage of my life than my miserable teens, frantic twenties, and lie-to-me thirties. I’ve learned so much in these nearly forty years, and I’ve never been happier or felt smarter. Here are 7 things getting older (not OLD) has taught me…

1 I Love the Way I Look

I Love the Way I LookPhoto Credit: Gold N Girl

When I was younger, I used to agonize over my … well, my less-than-A-cup chest. I used to dream about how wonderful my life would be if I were only a B-cup… the parties I’d attend, the bikini tops I’d wear. I even briefly considered breast augmentation surgery. Now that I’m older, I couldn’t care less. I love my body, and I love the way I look. Confidence and self-acceptance are attractive, far sexier than any one feature of your body, so I’ve stopped picking apart my appearance, and I’ve never been happier with it.

2 I Can Survive Anything

I Can Survive AnythingPhoto Credit: travelstar

In 2008, within just a few weeks, my husband of 6 years left me for a much younger (and dumber) woman, and I lost my job. At first, I was panicked — where would I live? How would I support myself and our daughter? After the initial shock and panic wore off (it only took about three hours), I pulled myself together, prepared the paperwork to file for divorce (myself, without an attorney), and started gathering my resources. Had I been a younger, less experienced woman, I may not have known how to move on so quickly. Rebounding well, item #2 getting older has taught me!


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3 My Mother is the Smartest Person I Know

My Mother is the Smartest Person I KnowPhoto Credit: AXEHD

When I was little, my mother knew EVERYTHING. When I was a teenager, she knew NOTHING. I was surprised she got to be as old as she was with as little as she knew about life! Now that I’m older, of course now I see just how brilliant, patient and wonderful she is. How else could she have dealt with such a surly, wretched teenager as me?

4 Every Day Matters

The older I get, the more I realize how valuable every day of my life is. I never miss an opportunity to tell my daughters how much I love them, because, well, I’ve lost enough loved ones to know how suddenly it can end. So before I hang up the phone, every time, I say “I love you,” and I mean it.

5 Time is Worth More than Money

Time is Worth More than MoneyPhoto Credit: alternative018

Why spend another minute in a relationship or job that you hate? Even if your job pays well, it’s not worth the misery. No-one on their death bed ever said “I wish I would have worked more,” and you certainly can’t take money with you when you die.

6 Bathing is Better than Showering

Bathing is Better than ShoweringPhoto Credit: wfleonard

While I really do think taking a hot bath is much more relaxing and luxurious than a quick shower, what I really mean is that it’s the small choices we make that we can use to treat ourselves. Make at least one small decision every day to pamper or reward yourself. I mean it! Every day! Burn that gorgeous candle, eat those truffles, wear that cashmere sweater — why save them? Enjoy them, or better yet, share them, today!

7 Use It or Lose It

When I was younger, I loathed exercise. Why walk or bike when I can just drive? But now that I’m a little older, the gym is one of my havens, a place I am good to my body, and it rewards me. The message? Take care of your body, because you’ll need it. Exercise. Eat well. Check in with your doctor. Take care of yourself! You’re my favorite reader!

These are just a few of the important things I’ve learned in my life so far (add to it that pizza before bed is a spectacularly bad idea). I can’t wait to see what the next forty years will teach me… I promise I’ll write another article then, too! What have you learned as you’ve gotten older? Do you agree with any or all of these? Please share!

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