8 Pieces of Expert Advice about Life ...


8 Pieces of Expert Advice about Life ...
8 Pieces of Expert Advice about Life ...

Life is such a crazy thing, you know? Living day to day, never knowing what the next hour holds...living through joys and pains...smiles and tears. Questions race through our heads when things go wrong - "Why me? Why now?" We lay in the grass staring at the clouds wondering what we should do next, wondering what road we should take. Though I'm not considered "old and wise" yet, I have a few tips about life I'd like to share with you...things I've learned about life.

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"when the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going."

Joseph Kennedy (Father of our own President John F. Kennedy) and Knute Rockne said a mouthful when they uttered these words. Difficulties and hard times in our life are not always put there as a way to hurt us, but rather to strengthen us, by working harder to make things right or put things back together. Though I realize some of you may not believe in God, I do. I believe that He sends trials and hardships in our lives to make us better people. Though it hurts while it's happening, we're better in the long run - basically the same as a good vaccination. Yes, that needles hurts, the vaccine stings, but our immune system is strengthened, and we are made better by it.


“Intellectual Growth Should Commence at Birth and Cease Only at Death.”

Albert Einstein was one of the smartest men ever born, and yet, even he realized that we never get too old, or know too much that we can't learn more. We should constantly live our lives in a way that is always teaching - both us and those around us. As we grow and mature and learn, younger eyes are looking upon us, gleaning bits and pieces of information that will mould them and make them into something great, or something not-so-great. How can we expect our children to learn things when we ourselves think we are above learning? This doesn't mean that every adult should have a college education, or attend trade school. Life itself is our teacher - we learn from the experiences that we face, and those that our friends and family encounter as well. When is the last time that you learned something?


“Dream as if You'll Live Forever, Live as if You'll Die Today.” - James Dean. Actor

Life is more valuable than many care to notice. They waste their life away sitting alone in their house, or on a bar stool, and fail to live their life to it's fullest potential. Don't be like that, please, I beg you! Live your life vigorously and with a spark that makes a difference in the lives of others around you. Let the world know and remember you as someone who made a difference, and who lived his or her life to the fullest capacity!


“Laugh as Much as You Breathe and Love as Long as You Live.”

Love is one of the most important things in life. In my opinion, love is right up there with breath and heartbeat. Without love, a human being will die. Maybe not physically at first, but inside, they'll dry up. Love is your life supply. Love with everything you have - give your all. Ah, and laughter - what would this world be without it? The Bible says that a merry heart doeth good like a medicine. Sometimes, a simple smile or burst of laughter is just the key to save a life. Live, love, laugh, that's the order, right?


Nobody Can Go Back and Start a New Beginning, but Anyone Can Start Today and Make a New Ending.” - Maria Robinson

Don't live in the past. I've met people that were so caught up on how bad they were in their past, that they couldn't move on with their life. It was as if their past had them chained in a prison cell, and they couldn't get out. I realize that having a hard past is something that is difficult to get over, but I know it's possible. Remember, just because the opening chapter is sad, doesn't mean that the final chapter can't be wonderful! “Look at life through the windshield, not the rear-view mirror.” - Byrd Baggett


“Sometimes It's the Smallest Decisions That Can Change Your Life Forever.” - Kerri Russell

A great deal of the time, I feel sorry for children. Parents make decisions and fail to think about the effects it will have on their kids. We live in a world that is hasty in making decisions and it isn't good. Just as I quoted, even the smallest, minute choice can change your life and those around you in ways you can never imagine. It is wise to think and dwell upon something before jumping to an answer. It is a wise woman (or man) that considers her options carefully and quietly, and over time, arrives at the decision they will make. "All things will be clear and distinct to the man who does not hurry; haste is blind and improvident." - Titus Livius


Memory is a Way of Holding on to the Things You Love, the Things You Are, the Things You Never Want to Lose.” - Kevin Arnold

Precious memories, how they linger...Time flies so incredibly fast, and all we're left with at the end of each day are memories. Preserve them; hold them tight in your heart. They're food for a rainy day - they're smiles for your tears. Hold them tight and never let them go!


“Our Attitude toward Life Determines Life's Attitude towards Us.” - John Mitchell

The attitude we carry through life is key to the kind of life we live. Do an attitude check! Are you confident, happy, and optimistic about what lays ahead? Do you smile at friends and family, strangers on the streets? Or do you always see the down side of everything, the flaws in everyone? Are you full of anger? If so, "get an attitude adjustment" as our parents used to say, and change your outlook on life. Having a positive attitude alone is enough to win you over a job in some cases. Why? Because you attitude affects how you talk, how you move, how you work. What's your attitude on life?

I may not be the wisest person in the world, but I consider myself blessed to be given a family and friends that teach and help me through life. I am so blessed! Do you have some wisdom tidbits you'd like to share?

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