7 Ways You Can Motivate Yourself ...


7 Ways You Can Motivate Yourself ...
7 Ways You Can Motivate Yourself ...

I am not at all motivated today. This has actually been happening to me more and more frequently lately, in many different areas of my life. And I finally just bore in and realized that no one else is going to motivate me; nothing outside of myself is going to do it either. I have to do it either. Here are 7 ways you can motivate yourself if you have this problem too.

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Leave Your Comfort Zone

You can't be afraid to hop out of your comfort zone, even if it's regarding something small. Maybe it involves getting up earlier, incorporating exercise into your routine, or even creating a schedule for yourself. It might be something bigger than that as well. Either way, don't be afraid to try something new. The results might surprise you.


It's OK to Make a Mistake

When you try to be self-motivating, it is not uncommon to get driven back a step or two or five if you mess up or make a mistake. It's thus important to realize that it's totally all right if you make a mistake. That doesn't mean you have to stop or change your plans. It just means you need to try again. Maybe tackle whatever it is you're trying to do from another angle and see if that helps.


Don't Limit Your Thinking

You know that phrase, “think outside the box,” right? I cordially detest that phrase, but at the same time I understand it and agree with the sentiment. That's what you need to do when you're trying to motivate yourself. Don't limit the way you think or feel. Be open to new experiences and to trying new things.


Develop Yourself

Developing yourself, your talents, and even the things you're maybe not so good at is a great way to motivate yourself. Any time you can perfect something, it can help to act as a motivational factor. Being good at something gives you a sense of accomplishment, and that is highly motivating.


Finish What You Start

If you have a habit of leaving things habit, try to leave that behind you. Having a string of unfinished products behind you may be the reason you're not feeling motivated. Finish the things you start. Even if they don't end up perfectly, at least they are finished, and that alone can give you a sense of accomplishment as well.


Live in the Moment

The future may be important but the present is even more vital. Don't live in the past; don't dwell on things that happened in the past. If you once dropped out a class before finishing it, for example, don't dwell on that, don't think that means you can't finish it in the future.


Don't Quit

Finally, whatever you do, don't quit. Whether you're getting fit, going back to school, learning how to knit – whatever – don't quit even if it starts to get hard. In fact, don't quit especially if it gets hard. The harder it gets, the more you should strive to finish it.

You can do anything you set out to do, as long as you're determined to do it. Let your friends and family help encourage you, but encourage yourself as well. What do you do to help yourself get motivated?

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these are great. thank you!

Never say never!

Don't limit your imagination and follow it.

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