8 Ways to Make It through the New Year ...


8 Ways to Make It through the New Year ...
8 Ways to Make It through the New Year ...

You have made it through all the festivities, opened all the gifts, and finally put your house back in order. All the decorations are safely tucked away until next year and all the colorful lights and wreaths are stored away, waiting for another holiday to arrive. How do you get back to normal? Is it possible to bring the stress levels back down and regain your calm, peaceful attitude? Yes! Keep reading and find out what you can do…

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Cut Anxiety and Stress with Music

I love holiday music. I play it constantly from November until after Christmas. But recent research has proven that singing actually relieves stress, lowers blood pressure, and slows your heart rate in as little as 5 minutes. Why? Because when you sing, you must take deep breathes which has deep, calming effects on your nerves. Also, music that reminds you of happy childhood memories calms you and restores your sense of happiness.


Mistletoe and Kissing

If you keep the traditional mistletoe hanging up during Christmas, don’t take it down so soon! Kissing and cuddling triggers the release of the love hormone oxytocin. This chemical calms stress and sends a happy signal pulsing through your veins. Why not keep the mistletoe in sight for the entire month of January?


Enjoy Company

As tired as you may feel after all the party’s are over, remember laughing relieves stress. So in keeping with stress reducing activity, carve out a couple nights during January just to hang out with your friends. Vent, laugh, and relax your way into a happier year!


Calming Caffeine Jolts

Studies have shown that a person who maintains their regular encounters with caffeine avoid more stress and anxiety than those who miss or skip their normal java intakes. Caffeine forces your body to produce more serotonin and this hormone is essential for relaxation.


Bye-Bye Indoor Allergies

This tip may be too late to enjoy this year, but keep it in mind for next year! If you suffer from indoor allergies, remember that it takes about two weeks for mold spores to grow and reproduce. Live Christmas trees carry mold spores, so to reduce your chances of contracting a scratchy throat and itchy throat, wait until right before Christmas to put your tree up and take it right after Christmas is over.


Calm Your Tummy

Next year, you promise not to eat as much, right? Right! But that is one of the best parts about the holidays! So instead of depriving yourself of Christmas treats, remedy your heartburn and indigestion with this simple trick: papaya! Studies show that by simply taking two chewable papaya tablets before eating prevents any tummy troubles you may have.


Eat Your Turkey

When turkey time rolls around next year, eat your turkey knowing you are doing your body good! Turkey contains tryptophan, which is key building block for serotonin. Not only does this hormone trigger calmness, it also helps you sleep better, curbs your food cravings, and improves your mood.


Speaking of Sleep…

Get plenty of sleep. Sleep depravation makes a person cranky, mean, and unhealthy. If you intend to make it through the New Year, be sure and get your rest. Restoring the lost sleep caused by the stress and anxiety of the holiday is your key to a successful and restful start of a new year!

How did you make it through the holidays and come out sane? Do you have a favorite way to bring back a sense of calmness and restoration? If so, please let me know. I would love to add it to my list!

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This is such a great, helpful post! Thank you :) I only got three hours of sleep last night because I was working on homework... I'll try to get better about that. Surprisingly, I haven't gotten as tired as I usually do on days when I get more sleep today, though. But I'm sure I'll sleep well tonight. :P

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