10 Ways to Clear Your Mind ...


10 Ways to Clear Your Mind ...
10 Ways to Clear Your Mind ...

From time to time, all of our minds get bogged down. That is something that is doomed to happen and it can happen during any time of the day. Let me give you 10 ways to clear your mind …

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Spend Time with Your Lover

One of the best ways to clear your mind would be to go out and have fun with the one you love. I enjoy spending time with my husband. Apart from him, my little girl is also a great way to clear my mind. So, if you don’t have a lover, but you have a kid, spend time with the kid.



Meditating always seems to work good with me. For an added feature, place some scented candles in the room as you are meditating. Perhaps you could use a lavender candle?


Watch Youtube for a Bit

When I am writing and I feel that I need a break, I will flash over and watch Youtube. There are so many different things on there. Sometimes, I’ll watch my husband’s videos, while other times I’ll go watch something funny or watch a music video.


Talk about Your Problem

Sometimes, the best way to clear your mind would be to talk your problem out with someone. Turn to someone you know will listen and tell them what is bothering you. This always helps to clear my mind.


Write Your Problems down

For those of you that feel you are not able to talk to someone about the problem you are going through right now, feel free to write it down on paper. Whenever something is bothering me, I find that writing it down and analyzing it helps.


Clean Your Space

I cannot work in a space that is all cluttered. When my space is cluttered, my mind feels cluttered as well. Therefore, you need to clean up the space around you and keep it clean.


Take a Shower

I will take a shower when something is bothering me. Before that shower, I tell myself that I am washing everything away. When I get out, I will feel better and will have a clear mind. Yes, it works all the time for me.


Get in Touch with Nature

By getting in touch with nature, I mean go out for a nice walk, away from crowds. If you have a dog, then take the dog with you. Go out and enjoy nature for a change, like I do.


Play a Game

When all else fails, I like to play games. We all have our different games we like. Some of you may like games on Facebook, while others like games on the Xbox 360. As for me, I am more of a Halo kind of girl, so I prefer the 360.


Do Something You Love

Whatever you love, do it. If you love to ride horses, then go out and do it. If you enjoy gardening then do it. The idea here is to get out of the house and do something you enjoy doing.

There you have 10 ways to clear your mind. These are all ways I clear my mind. So, what do you do in order to clear your mind?

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Playing with pets, sleeping.

Bubble bath, a book, and music.

Personal Favorite: People watch at a mall or busy coffee shop. Often when you realize the world is much crazier and hectic than what you may be dealing with it can ground you a little.

I do Yoga everyday :) helps a lot

PS love the top photo

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