7 Colors and How They Affect Our Moods ...


7 Colors and How They Affect Our Moods ...
7 Colors and How They Affect Our Moods ...

Believe it or not, colors can play a significant role in the way we feel. Just think of it, why do we all feel depressed on gray, rainy days and energized and happy on sunny ones? The colors you decide to use in your living room, bed room or office can also play a big role the way you feel and think so, next time you decide to redecorate your living space, have these tips in mind:

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Black is Sexy but Evil Too

Black is Sexy but Evil Too Photo Credit: shoe300

Black soaks in all other colors, for some, this color symbolizes bad luck, so, if you think painting your walls black would be a cool thing, I doubt you’ll ever find a paint shop that produces it. Black is also a sexy, mystic, elegant color, so you might want to opt for wallpapers with a nice black and white print. I like dark colors and believe bedroom would be an ideal place for a daring color like this, however, since black is also associated with many negative feelings like anger, sadness, remorse, unhappiness, I’d think twice before plastering my living room with wallpapers in this color.


Blue is Good for Business and Diets

Blue is Good for Business and Diets Photo Credit: juntos [OFF/ON]

Blue color makes people feel calm and safe so it’s one of the most popular business colors. It symbolized unity, harmony, trust, security and order, which is pretty much everything you want your clients to think of you and your company. This color also lowers blood pressure and makes people feel less hungry so, if you feel like your family could benefit from eating less and getting together for a family meal, I’d say blue is a perfect dining room choice.


Purple for Creative Thinking

Purple for Creative Thinking Photo Credit: dee_r

I knew my fav color had something to do with creativity, trends and royalty. LOL! This color was first made of snail glands and, since it took like 1000 or more snails to get one gram of dye, it was pretty expensive and therefore not intended for anyone that didn’t fall in the category of high class society. Today, anyone can afford this lovely color and I especially suggest the lavender with fuchsia undertone shade because it’s warm and inspiring. It symbolizes wisdom, enlightenment and transformation so surround yourself with purple and your creative genius will blossom!


Red Makes You Jumpy

Red Makes You Jumpy Photo Credit: Kidayo

If you paint your teenager’s room red, you’ll definitely experience all the cons of parenting. Why? Because this color raises blood pressure and makes people nervous. Red lamps or sheets could heat up the atmosphere in your bedroom because this color is a sexy one too. Unfortunately, that’s pretty much it – carefully placed room decorations can be a good eye catcher, furniture is allowed if you manage to balance it with enough of soothing white shades, but anything more than that will have an irritating effect on you, your family and guests.



Yellow Photo Credit: surrendered_photography

According to Feng Shui, warm shades of yellow and sunny undertones keep the chit-chat going on. This is an energizing color ideal for living rooms, restaurants, coffe shops and all other places where you need people to be in their best, talkative mood.


Green Helps Wounds Heal

Green Helps Wounds Heal Photo Credit: net_efekt

This relaxing, heeling, natural color is a sight for sore eyes. No wonder surgeons wear this color- it is believed that it actually helps wounds heal faster! I reckon you probably don’t own a private clinic so, let me explain how to interpret this effect of this color – your body uses sleep to heal itself so painting your bedroom green is a great way to make sure this soothing color is the last thing you see when you close your eyes and the first thing you see when you open them.


Orange is Moving

Orange is Moving Photo Credit: samsfadil

This bright color really makes you want to get up and do something so it’s not a really good idea for bedrooms, dining rooms and studies. It is, however, a great color if you’re planning to finally assemble all those exercise machines and turn your garage into a gym. This color re-energizes people making them want to jump around nonstop, so, if you have a very active toddler, I don’t need to tell you orange is not a really good color for his/her room.

This, of course, doesn’t mean you need to organize an urgent re-painting ASAP because shades and the way you used furniture to accent or tone down the colors of your walls count too! Which colors would you use to brighten up your apartments, girls?

Top Photo Credit: Capture Queen

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Great post! When I have my own room I was planning on painting it pale green and dark purple. After reading this, it still seems like a good idea. :)

My room is green orange and yellow and I love it.

Green, peach and yellows are my colours of choice for home decor. Can light up about..brown..my favourite colour.

I also read that if you want to feel secure, you should wear black. Purple makes you bossy, red could put you in a good mood (love), or bad one(rage). Brown is a down to earth color, and gray makes you feel uncertain. I think we select our wardrobe color for the day, per our mood that morning. Don't you agree?

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