7 Ways to Survive a Monday ...


7 Ways to Survive a Monday ...
7 Ways to Survive a Monday ...

Whether you are a career woman or a stay-at-home mom, there are ways to make Mondays easier to deal with. After enjoying a nice relaxing weekend nothing is worse than waking up to the harsh reality of another work week. Here are some ways to help us ease into our Mondays... or at least survive them!

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Have a Game Plan

Prepare for your week. Sunday evening, take a moment to think about what you need accomplish during the upcoming week. Then decide what needs to be addressed specifically on Monday and make your plans accordingly. Don't try and get a week's worth of errands and cleaning done on one day, Monday!


Get out Your Best “Bring It on, World” Outfit

If you are a professional woman, this may be your favorite suit or your classy Jimmy Choo stilettos. Full-time moms put on your make-up and get dressed in a comfy outfit that is not your pajamas. When you are dressed and wearing make-up you will feel ready to start the week... yes!


Take Your Vitamins

It may sound a bit oversimplified but it is true that women need to stay on top of their nutritional game. Find a multi-vitamin that works for you. You have a lot on your plate and you need the energy to get it all done. My fave? Centrum Silver... even though I'm not a senior.


Plan for the End of the Day

No matter what kind of day your Monday turns out to be, it can end well. Plan a night with friends Monday night. If you are a family woman, plan a family game night for Monday night and end the first day of the workweek on a positive note!


Plan Stressful Meetings for Another Day

If you are a career woman, plan those not so great meetings on another day besides Monday. Stat at home moms can plan those appointments for the kid’s dental cleanings on another day besides Monday. Ease into the week with as little stress as possible.


Wake up Early and Enjoy Some “You” Time

Whether you are going to an office or homeschooling your children, wake-up in time to drink a slow cup of coffee, read a chapter in your favorite book, or just sit in silence and take a deep breath before beginning your Monday.


State of Mind

Sometimes we as woman, just simply need a reminder that we are AWESOME! You are special, and blessed. Start out your Monday by just telling yourself, “I am going to have a great day today.” Life is what you make it; make it great!

Monday is only one day of the week; don’t let it get you down. Put a smile on your face and greet each day with the same healthy enthusiasm. How will you approach your next Monday? What other tips can you share?

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