7 Ways to Reduce Office Stress ...


7 Ways to Reduce Office Stress ...
7 Ways to Reduce Office Stress ...

Ah, that office! The most stressful place in the world! Some would even call it a corporate prison. You know- keep a low profile, don’t drop the soap and hope you’ll get to share a cell with a nice cellmate. Now, I sincerely hope this last sentence doesn’t describe your working conditions and that you’re happy with your job despite all the stress it often causes. Well, we won’t be dealing with poor working conditions today. We are going to brush up on our interpersonal skills, figure out what stresses us out and discuss tactics that could help us get off work feeling energized for a change. So, if you often feel like the only thing you could do after work is crawl into bed, pay attention to these 7 suggestions:

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You can’t say no to your boss, your colleagues or even clients so you end up stressing over the fact that you won’t be able to get everything done on time. Plus, you’re mad at yourself because you always, always, always end up being in the same position. Well, practice your diplomatic skills and learn to say no in a way that won’t offend anybody. Say, “I’ll look into it but I can’t make any promises right now.” Or, if it’s your boss we’re talking about, remind him of the project you’re currently busy with and ask if there is a need to reschedule. That way you’ll let people know that you’re not a machine.


Surround Yourself with Positive People

Easier said than done, I know! There is a specific sort of people called “energy vampires” because they literally suck out all our positive energy. The ones I’ve met were usually either totally negative or completely self centered but I’m guessing there are more types too. Being in the presence of these people and talking to them makes us feel tired and/or depressed. So, if you want to keep your spirits up and make it through the day without feeling totally exhausted, it’s best to find a person that makes you feel energized. You can’t choose your colleagues but you can choose how and with whom you want to spend your lunch breaks. Plus, you always have an excuse in case an “energy vampire” attacks – you can’t talk now, you have a lot of work.


Keep Your Working Space Clean and Organized

Keep your desk clean and organized at all times because only then you’ll know exactly what is there to be done. A huge pile of “God knows what” looks very depressing and you’ll probably get a headache from simply looking at it. Right? That’s why you must make your working space as positive and inviting as possible. I, for example, always stack my books, notes and papers in a way that makes them look “less threatening” and use my coffee breaks to clean up the mess I’ve made while studying. The “to do” stack get’s all messed up, of course, but I fix it every now and then making sure the desk always remains clean and that the books and papers I don’t use anymore are not on it.


Keep Motivating Photos on Your Desk

Some days are so bad that people often find themselves thinking “Oh, why am I even bothering?”. Well, some do it for their kids, others are trying to make life better for themselves – there is a reason and I’m sure it’s a good one. So, why not capture those happy moments and keep them somewhere where they could serve as a constant reminder of your successes, goals and happiness. Photos of your kids, your fiancé, parents or siblings, graduation – if looking at a certain picture makes you happy, you should put it on your desk.


Don’t Be a Control-freak

Senior managers, junior managers and supervisors, you know how stressful your jobs are! All of you whose work involves coordinating a group of people, you know what you have to deal with every day! People in these positions have a huge responsibility and that makes them very prone to becoming control-freaks. Yes, I know you can’t allow yourself to make mistakes but let your co-workers or employees do their part of the job too. Assign tasks, be there for them and focus on doing your part of the job. Offer advices but don’t act like an over-protective mommy.

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Work Time VS. Free Time

Leave all work-related thoughts back where they belong – in the office! It’s not the easiest thing to do but it could sure help you relax and show up the next morning feeling happier, more relaxed and anxious to dig in and do great things. Stay longer if you need to but try not to take your work home where it will be nothing more than a distraction. The same goes for your free time! Family problems are not to be solved in company time! Don’t waste your hours on Facebook and don’t let your friends call you at work unless they have something really important to say. Simply put – don’t mix business and pleasure!


Get Plenty of Sleep

Desk, Learning, Job, Technology, Output device, These simple things are the ones that matter the most, take my word for it. Have you ever tried to stay awake for two whole days? I have and it really sucked! I was all slow, jumpy, nervous and the only thing I could think about was bed. If you can’t get enough sleep during the night, take an afternoon nap. But, if napping means you won’t be able to fall asleep before 3 A.M, skip the nap and go out for a walk instead. Being well rested will not only make you look better and think and act faster – your thoughts will be happier too!

And remember – There is no such thing as “easy work”. Even movie stars have to bust their behinds for months before the movie hits the big screens all around the world. They also have to tolerate all kinds of c*ap, do their best even when they are sick, tired or nervous and show up to a lot of events despite the fact that they would rather stay at home with their families. So cheer up and don’t let anything or anybody mess up your day! Hope this post helped, girls. Tell me, what stresses you out the most?

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All these are great suggestions, but much easier said than done. I agree that keeping your work area neat at all times is very relaxing and puts all your "to do" items in perspective. It is much easier to prioritize when all your stuff is organized. It is difficult to say "no" to your coworkers and superiors. I have been in a work force for a long time, but still have a problem dealing with many of the suggestions you mentioned, but definitely working on it. Thank you for the suggestions.

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