7 Ways to Reduce Office Stress ...

Ah, that office! The most stressful place in the world! Some would even call it a corporate prison. You know- keep a low profile, don’t drop the soap and hope you’ll get to share a cell with a nice cellmate. Now, I sincerely hope this last sentence doesn’t describe your working conditions and that you’re happy with your job despite all the stress it often causes. Well, we won’t be dealing with poor working conditions today. We are going to brush up on our interpersonal skills, figure out what stresses us out and discuss tactics that could help us get off work feeling energized for a change. So, if you often feel like the only thing you could do after work is crawl into bed, pay attention to these 7 suggestions:

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You can’t say no to your boss, your colleagues or even clients so you end up stressing over the fact that you won’t be able to get everything done on time. Plus, you’re mad at yourself because you always, always, always end up being in the same position. Well, practice your diplomatic skills and learn to say no in a way that won’t offend anybody. Say, “I’ll look into it but I can’t make any promises right now.” Or, if it’s your boss we’re talking about, remind him of the project you’re currently busy with and ask if there is a need to reschedule. That way you’ll let people know that you’re not a machine.

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