10 Ways to Eliminate Stress at Work ...


10 Ways to Eliminate Stress at Work ...
10 Ways to Eliminate Stress at Work ...

Life can be stressful in itself and finding ways to eliminate stress at work is one way to make living a bit easier. Even something that only takes a few seconds can make all the difference in a person's physical well-being. I've listed 10 ways that I find useful to eliminate stress. These are a much easier and better alternatives to changing jobs!

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Take a Deep Breath

Take a Deep Breath Photo Credit: Tomasito.!

It's surprising at how much better you can feel by just taking in a deep breath and slowly letting it out. I find that when I do this, I usually end up feeling good enough to let out at least asmall laugh. Usually the frustration that I was feeling has subsided enough for me to see the humor in the situation and wonder why I was feeling stressed about it in the first place. Try it the next time you feel you are at your wit’s end.


Have Someone Tell You a Joke

Have Someone Tell You a Joke Photo Credit: Cayusa

Even the lamest jokes can usually bring a smile to your face. I love eating those popsicles with the jokes on the stick. They are simple jokes, like, 'What has four legs but can't run?', 'A Table!' and other short ones like that. They are probably ones you will remember from your childhood and even this will sometimes make you grin. There's almost always at least one person at work that is good for a joke at any given moment. Be sure you know who that person is and be good friends with him!


Take off Your Shoes

Take off Your Shoes Photo Credit: t. bell

You wouldn't think that this would be listed as one of the ways to eliminate stress at work, but it is amazing at how much better it will make you feel. I know your Jimmy Choo shoes look great but are not-so-great when it comes to comfort. Also, they make these excellent foot massagingballs that have little spikes all over them. These feel wonderful on the arch of the foot. If you don't have access to these, a racquet ball or tennis ball works well also. Just kicking off your shoes for a few minutes is all that is needed. If you're lucky enough to be able to leave them off for extended periods of time, then you are a fortunate one!


Eat Something You Enjoy

Eat Something You Enjoy Photo Credit: zalita

Comfort food isn't calledcomfort food for nothing. It's always fun to treat yourself to something that you enjoy from time to time. I find that a secret stash of candies in a drawer near my desk is sooo good! Chocolateis an instant mood lifter. So I also have these little chocolates that have inspirational quotes on the inside wrapper. It says the same thing in four different languages, so I'm learning something at the same time that I'm enjoying my treat. These are my special candies that only get eaten on very rare occasions, and that's what makes them taste so much better. If you have access to a vending machine, then taking a walk to the machine to choose what you want to eat is an added part of stress relief.


Watch a Funny Video

Watch a Funny Video Photo Credit: kktp_

Having internet capabilities at work, as well as the ability to watch a quick video on it, is a great way to relieve some stress. I have one video that is set to quick classical music and filled with cats doing random funny things. They are so quirky that it makes me laugh every time. I have it bookmarked for a quick stress reliever when things are getting too hectic for me. I never get tired of it! Don't forget to check out Youtube for both cute and funny videos.


Get out of Your Chair

Get out of Your Chair Photo Credit: .: Philipp Klinger :.

Just getting up from your chair is another way to eliminate stress at work. This is not only a good way to release some stress, but also to perk you up a bit if tiredness is setting in. This simple method of stress reliefcould easily be combined with some of the others; you could walk to the vending machine, get a cup of coffee, fill your water bottle, find that co-worker with the endless supply of jokes, or just stand up and look around.


Help Someone

Help Someone Photo Credit: duskull

There is always someone who needs help of some sort. Maybe the guy next to you dropped his favorite pen and can't seem to find it or the boss is trying to find another dime for the vending machine. Even the smallest good deed is very fulfilling to the soul. Just loaning someone your bottle of Wite-Out can be significant enough to make someone else's day run a bit smoother. Remember: No favor is too small.


Stand up and Stretch

Stand up and Stretch Photo Credit: B℮n

This is simple and fast, but highly effective. Stand up, raise your arms above your head, and take a deep breath. If possible, try to touch your toes after this raised arm stretch. When toe touches aren't possible, some twists at the waist will work also. I wouldn't recommend jumping jacks in an office space, unless you think you can safely pull it off! It can be a great way toburn more calories during the day but whether you can do it or not will depend on what your work environment is like and if co-workers will get upset if their pencil caddy and computer monitor begin to shake uncontrollably.


Be Organized

Be Organized Photo Credit: Extra Medium

Surprisingly, simple organization is enough for astress free life. It is one of the best ways to eliminate stress at work, since being disorganized is often what causes stress for a lot of people. Organization can take place in many forms; desk appearance, date book scheduling, post-it notes with messages and things to remember on them, or even a large desk calendar to jot notes on. Sometimes we need help with all we are trying to cram into our brains.


Don't Take on Too Much

Don't Take on Too Much Photo Credit: joiseyshowaa

Many people feel that they can do anything that comes their way. This might be true, but you don't have to do everything that everyone wants. There are times when it is in your best interest to say no and leave it at that. Keep track of what you definitely need to do and what you might be able to delegate to someone else. Even just asking for help from time to time is no big deal. You won't be a weaker person for asking for help. Knowing your limits will make you a stronger person in the end and keeping it simple will keep you happy.

While this is my list of ways to eliminate stress at work, know your tricks to get you through stressful times. Maybe jotting down a few ideas on your notepad next to the computer will help. Then there are certain foods you can eat to beat stress. Make sure you have at least some form of stress relief at work, it will make your day go much smoother and your co-workers will probably appreciate it also. What do you do to eliminate stress?

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Lots of great points, but I can't picture myself sitting by me desk without shoes. I love taking a walk around the large parking lot, which cuts my lunch time in half, but instead of gossiping, I get to breath some fresh air and compose my thoughts. The more stressed I am the faster I walk. It does wonders! Whatever works for you, do it, but don't cave in to eating sweets!!

Hi girls! I used to work in Live Casinos as a dealer...so you can imagine how many colleagues I had, and annoying customers. :) I could only sit when I was a dealing Texas Hold'em games so I don't mind working at home now, because I only work for me, no boss. :)

I always always take on too much. Helping someone else is great way eliminate stress at work.

great one!!!

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