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5 Things That Can Help You Relax Today...

By Meream

1 Try Your Luck

Why don't you enter a giveaway and see if you win something? Don't get too stressed out about not winning, though. The important thing is you did something fun. Do not focus on the possible disappointment.

2 Ogle at Pretty Bags

Better yet, look for cheap but pretty ones and buy the prettiest bag or clutch you could find. Something in a lovely spring color will be great.

3 Go out with the Girls

Having a girls' day or night out is bound to make you less stressed. In fact, I think this is EXACTLY what I need right now. So I booked myself a dinner date with some girlfriends tomorrow night.

4 Wear a Pretty Dress

Nothing like wearing a pretty dress and feeling like a princess to chase stress away. Even for just a teeny moment. But wearing a pretty dress could lead to brighter things, such as meeting a cute boy, so this is definitely recommended.

5 Indulge

Go ahead and give in, have a serving or two of your favorite dessert. This banana pudding goodness looks TOO good not to make.

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