10 Best Ways to Relax ...


10 Best Ways to Relax ...
10 Best Ways to Relax ...

It is impossible in this time period to go ANYWHERE without hearing about how busy or stressed someone is. And sometimes, that someone that’s overstressed and overwhelmed, sometimes that someone is you. So why not kick of those shoes, lay back and read about that relaxation you so desperately need?

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Bubble Bath

Bubble Bath Photo Credit: Gallery 435

It’s a time honored tradition that many women uphold. When life gets particularly bumpy we light some candles, play some feel good music and we slowly sink into those bubbles. So sink into those bubbles, wash away your troubles and set your mind at ease!


Sun Bathe

Sun Bathe Photo Credit: jacquelenexo

Now I’m not saying go out there without any protective gear but sometimes the best way to relax is to lather on the sun block, strip down to your bikini and just lay out to soak up the rays. And there’s something about sunshine that just makes you feel happy!


Junk Food Heaven

Junk Food Heaven Photo Credit: buruneko

That’s right, forget about dieting and counting calories for a night, just one night. That stuff just stresses you out anyway. Get together all your favorite junk food and go crazy. Make a night of it. Rent all your favorite movies, put some pore cleansing green gunk and stuff your face!



Shop Photo Credit: José Miguel M.P.

I know it’s a little hard on the pocket book but sometimes when you’re stressed you just need to shop! So go get in your car, stop by that great little hidden place that sells those great vintage sundresses and let your troubles roll by.


Read a Book

Read a Book Photo Credit: *Tiny Dancer*

Now, I know that most of you ladies are too busy to sit down and read a whole book in a day. So, break it down. If your life is getting a little too stressful or you just need to unwind, crack open a book and delve into someone else’s life!


Listen to Music

Listen to Music Photo Credit: Tariq S. Salem

That’s right, nothing is better for de-stressing than blaring your favorite tunes throughout the house! Go ahead and dance to Cyndi Lauper, sing along. Trust me, it’ll make you feel much better!


Take a Walk

Take a Walk Photo Credit: fred_306

I’m not saying to do this in a dangerous neighborhood like somewhere in Detroit, but everywhere you go there’s a little place not too far away that’s perfect for just walking around. Go to Central Park, go to Ferndale, go to downtown Olympia! /it doesn’t matter where you go, just walk until you feel better.


Take a Drive

Take a Drive Photo Credit: Wolfgang Staudt

Unless your stress is clouding your eyesight, sometimes a drive is just what you need to clear your head. You focus on the road and your brain just seems to clear itself. Just remember to keep alert. And make sure you don't wander too far!



Garden Photo Credit: gunnel´s (off for a while)

That's right, get back outside and pull those weeds. It may be a little bit of a chore but I've found that weeding a garden keeps your hands busy and let's your brain wander just where it needs to. Even if it's just a flower bed you'll find yourself relaxing in no time!



Write Photo Credit: *janine*

We're not all F. Scott Fitzgerald but in your journal, you don't have to be. Sometimes writing out your problems and reading them over makes them seem much easier to fix. And if not at least you got all your feelings out!

Well ladies hopefully you've found SOMEWAY to relax in this post. Maybe you're taking part in one of them now? How do you relax? Let me know down below!

Top Photo Credit: Karin Elizabeth ©

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Oh yes...you guessed it right...shopping and walking(alone), are my best ways to relax.

Number 5 is my go-to stress-reliever :)

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