5 Easy and Cheap Techniques to Beat Stress ...

Let's face it, life is hard. It seems that everything that we do causes us so much stress. From school projects to work meetings to even the simple task of deciding where to take your family for dinner, we get frazzled and overwhelmed to act efficiently. Before you finally lose it, try these simple and effective ways to relax. They are really helpful. These are not exercises that will require you to sweat. If you practice these, you will become better-adjusted to face and handle all the demands of your life.

1. Meditate

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I have been practicing yoga for some time now but I still have a hard time doing meditation. I guess I just like the stretching and physical exertion involved with the poses and not the tranquility in meditation. Thankfully, I found this guide on meditation. The steps seem easy enough. I will definitely be trying this one of these days.

Photo by: Marcia Salviato

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