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9 Tips on Dealing with OCD ...

By Melanie

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is harsh to live with, but sadly, many people have to live with it. It’s something I live with every day. It is normal to check and see if the door is locked or to clean up a bit, but when you do it over and over or no matter what you do, you can’t shake the thought out of your mind, that is OCD. This does not mean that you have to live your life miserably. I live my life just fine, my area is always clean, nonetheless, but I do live happily. Right now, I am going to give you 9 tips on dealing with OCD …

9 Gain Knowledge

Gain KnowledgePhoto Credit: nikkistill

When you have something and you want to conquer it, what do you do? You learn about it. That is what you should do. You should gain knowledge on OCD. Read books on the disorder. Feel free to talk to your doctor or therapist. The more you know, the better it will be to manage those symptoms.

8 Stay Connected with Friends and Family

Stay Connected with Friends and FamilyPhoto Credit: Victor Mui

This disorder can consume your life. It can cause social isolation. In turns, this can aggravate the OCD. It is important that you keep friends and family that you can turn to for support.


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7 Relaxation Techniques

Relaxation TechniquesPhoto Credit: dontcallmeikke

If you have OCD, then try practicing some relaxation techniques. This includes yoga, meditation, breathing and other stress relief techniques. These could help to reduce the symptoms of OCD.

6 Talk to Others

Talk to OthersPhoto Credit: Amarand Agasi

No matter what, you should not be ashamed of the problem you have. Was I ashamed to tell you about my problem in the beginning of this blog? No, I am not ashamed to tell you that I have OCD. Most of the people you talk to will be supportive. Just talking to them will make you feel better. This is not a disorder you have to hide away in a closet somewhere.

5 Face the Obsession

Face the ObsessionPhoto Credit: durtcom

If you are able to face your obsession, then you may be able to think through those irrational thoughts and impulses. You will be able to desensitize them. If we think rationally, the obsession will lose the irrational power it has over us.

4 You Are Not Alone

You Are Not AlonePhoto Credit: emuchka

It is important to know that you are not alone. You need to recognize that around two and a half of people in the world are living with OCD. Of course, most sufferers try to hide their condition, so you may find this one hard to believe.

3 Get out and Move around

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Do you want to know a little trick I use? When it starts to “kick in” and I get thoughts or I get the urge to count something, I get up and move around. Go outside and do some gardening, give the dog a bath, go for a ride, etc. Whatever you do, get out and move around. I do have a problem with everything having to be clean before I get out and move around though.

2 You Are Not Crazy

You Are Not CrazyPhoto Credit: poodlephile_lucy

It is important that you remember that you are not crazy or mad. When people are crazy, they are not aware of what they are doing. Recognize the thoughts you are having are not coming from outside themselves, which is insane. When you have OCD, you recognize that you have thoughts that are exaggerated, even if it is hard to control.

1 Find a Psychologist

Find a PsychologistPhoto Credit: EriQ.

Find a psychologist that specializes in what is known as cognitive therapy. Cognitive therapy is also known as talk therapy. This involves talking your way past those obsessions and compulsions. This has been proven to help OCD patients to manage themselves better.

There you have 9 tips on dealing with OCD. These tips are not coming from someone with no experience on this matter. Feel free to open up and tell me about your OCD. I’m here to listen. Think of this right here as a support blog.

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