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Every one of us at some point in our lives feels frustrated and I doubt that there is one of us that actually enjoys this feeling. Numerous things can cause frustration, such as having to wait in a massive queue at the supermarket or having a short work deadline to complete an important project by. So here are 7 tips on dealing with frustration.

7. Enrol on a Class Specifically Designed for This Purpose

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There are several courses designed to help people deal with frustration. Often you will find that these courses are group sessions where you can learn how other people overcome this feeling and share your own tips.

6. Keep a Diary

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When you feel frustrated about something write it down in a diary, along with why you feel this way, how it made you feel, how long the feeling lasted and how you overcome it. This way if you feel frustrated again you have something to refer to, you can see whether the same thing has made you feel this way previously and how you dealt with it before.

5. Let the Person Know How You Feel

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Someone in particular may have made you feel this way and they might not even know. So tell them, I do not mean be aggressive but calmly let them know because the chance are that they did not mean to in the first place.

4. Spend Some Quality Time with Loved Ones

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In my opinion this tip can help you feel better in so many situations, so why should frustration be any better. You can either talk to them about how you are feeling or choose to leave your frustration behind you for a moment and just have a good time, before dealing with your problem.

3. Face Your Frustration

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Try not to run away from your frustration, confront it. You know that something has made you feel this way so ask yourself why it has made you frustrated and is it worth feeling this way over this β€œthing”. Analyse how you are feeling, the idea is that it will help to stop your frustration.

2. Take Some Time to Relax, Take a Break

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If you are frustrated by work or you have loads of university assignments due in during the same week, take a step back and relax. Set some time aside and do something that you enjoy, something that is not related to what is frustrating you.

1. Practice Breathing Techniques

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In my opinion controlling your breathing is extremely important because it has been shown to help reduce anxiety, tension and to genuinely calm you. This technique works best if you stand up straight with your arms by your side. Let out a deep breathe, hold for a couple of minutes and then breathe in deeply again holding for a couple of minutes, continue this several times.

There you have 7 tips on dealing with frustration, even if one of these tips does not help you try the other because different techniques work for different people. If your frustration is causing you big problems, such as health issues, then it would be wise to seek professional help.

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