15 Ways to Declutter Your Mind ...


15 Ways to Declutter Your Mind ...
15 Ways to Declutter Your Mind ...

Clutter is not just something that can be found in your home or office. Clutter can also be found in your mind. You shouldn’t be surprised, though. With all the thoughts and information that are fed to you, it is certainly no wonder that your mind can also be cluttered. If you feel like your mind is about to explode from information and thought overload, then you should take time to declutter it.

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Breathe Photo Credit: Maurizio Di Iorio

Something as simple as deep breathing can help clear your mind. Take time throughout your day to relax and just feel your breath going in and out of your body.


Write Tasks and Ideas

Write Tasks and Ideas Photo Credit: ~ Sandy ~

All your tasks and errands get jumbled up in your head causing confusion. Writing down a to-do list for the day is a great way to combat this mind clutter. You can also do the same for ideas and thoughts that pop into your head. You no longer have to worry about forgetting things because you have already written them down.



Journal Photo Credit: ♥ a restless heart

Many people find journaling effective in controlling mind clutter. Journaling can be your outlet for thoughts and emotions that you feel you can’t share with other people.



Talk Photo Credit: lanuiop

Talking to someone you trust can be very helpful in giving you peace of mind. Even if you don’t come up with a solution, just being able to let out the thoughts and feelings makes things seem more bearable.


Know Your Priorities

Know Your Priorities Photo Credit: Grace Kathryn

Figure out what your priorities in life are and clear out the unnecessary things. If you know what is important for you, then you don’t have to hang on to thoughts and things that are irrelevant to your priorities.


Learn to Let Go

Learn to Let Go Photo Credit: KHarland

Letting go is something that you need to learn if you want a clutter-free mind. Let go of the things that don’t matter to you. Let go of people who are mean and hurtful. Let go of anything that doesn’t improve the quality of your life. Letting go means worrying about fewer things.


Check Your Sleeping Habits

Check Your Sleeping Habits Photo Credit: Olivia Bee

Your mind could feel overloaded because of the lack of sleep. There are theories that suggest that sleep helps form memories and store information.


Do Something Physical

Do Something Physical Photo Credit: alexey05

Physical activities can help clear your mind. Walking is a favorite among people who need some time to think. This is probably because walking is a leisurely and unhurried activity that can be done anytime and anywhere.


Connect with Nature

Connect with Nature Photo Credit: Kjers..

Being outside in nature is a great reminder of simpler and more relaxed times. Nature has a way of making people feel calm and more focused.


Declutter Your Surroundings

Declutter Your Surroundings Photo Credit: <3~Kristin~<3

Your mind can feel cluttered because of your environment. How can you think clearly when there is a mess all around you? Cleaning up and decluttering your surroundings can be a great start to a clearer mind.


Don’t Rush

Don’t Rush Photo Credit: mattrulez (slow)

The world is so hurried that you feel as though you don’t have the time to just sit down and process your thoughts. Deliberately choose to live a slow-paced life and feel a difference in the way your mind works.


Stop Multi-Tasking

Stop Multi-Tasking Photo Credit: Carenet Healthcare Services

Single-tasking is quite hard in this world that demands many things from you. However, whenever you can, choose to focus on doing a single task before moving on to the next one.


Stop Chronic Worrying

Stop Chronic Worrying Photo Credit: Sareni

Worrying is normal for everyone. But if you suffer from chronic worrying then you need to find a way to stop this habit. It creates a lot of unnecessary and negative thoughts and feelings. If you do find yourself with worrying thoughts, write them down. Try to make them constructive instead of destructive.


Take a Media Break

Take a Media Break Photo Credit: angelrravelor

Everyday media bombards your mind with information which you can’t really use. Sometimes, it is necessary to take a media break to clear your senses and get in touch with what matters.


Learn to Disconnect

Learn to Disconnect Photo Credit: nige_mar

You don’t have to be available for everyone all the time. You are entitled to some free time to just relax and unwind. Learn to disconnect from work to give yourself the chance to clear your head.

Decluttering is not just an activity that can benefit your physical environment. Decluttering can also benefit your mind. Your brain can only take so much before it decides that enough is enough. If you feel like your mind is at a standstill, then it is probably too full of thoughts and ideas. Sort through your mind and clear out your thoughts. Like a clear drawer, a clear mind is refreshing and liberating.

Top Photo Credit: Desirée Delgado

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