8 Ways to Get over an Addiction Problem ...


8 Ways to Get over an Addiction Problem ...
8 Ways to Get over an Addiction Problem ...

Whether you are dealing with an addiction to drugs, sugar, Facebook, or hoarding of objects, the following 8 ways to get over an addiction problem might prove useful. I know not all of these tips will be helpful for every type of addiction, but most of them are fairly universal. There is a difference between a habit and an addiction. However, some of these tips could help you cope with a habit so that it doesn’t turn into an addiction in the future.

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Admit There is a Problem

Admit There is a Problem Photo Credit: Doc macaSTAT

It’s often hard to admit that you have an addiction to something. This step can be a difficult one to make, but is essential in getting the help you need to overcome your addiction. Being in a constant state of denial will only make it harder to try to shake the item or action you are addicted to. Sometimes it takes a friend to point out the fact that an addiction actually exists before it can be acknowledged by the addict.


Take Your Time

Take Your Time Photo Credit: αвву (has better things to do <3)

You won’t be able to overcome your addiction quickly, which is why it is considered an addiction. People who try to quit cold turkey tend to lapse right into the addiction within a short amount of time and sometimes it is worse than before. It’s hard to maintain a clear head when you try to get rid of an addiction quickly. This is also why a 12-step program consists of 12 steps and not just one.


Start an Exercise Program

Start an Exercise Program Photo Credit: neynge

Exercise is a great remedy for a lot of issues, both physical and mental. Setting up an exercise routine can help take your mind off of your addiction, plus you will be gaining health benefits too. If you need something more rigid than an at-home program, sign up at the local gym so that you get out of the house and into a new environment. Being out of the house can be a huge help in overcoming an addiction, since many addictions take place in one’s own home.


Replace the Need with Something Less Harmful

Replace the Need with Something Less Harmful Photo Credit: celticsong22

This works well for people who are addicted to junk food. Replacing sugar with honey, agave nectar, or Splenda can help a person get started in kicking their addiction to the curb. Smokers try to replace cigarettes with gum or candy, which hasn’t been proven to cause cancer, so I would say this would be a good replacement for a smoker to make.


Have Determination

Have Determination Photo Credit: GummyPiglet

Determination will help you keep going with your efforts. If you are truly determined to overcome your addiction, then following through with the lengthy process will be much more possible. Sometimes you need a bit of motivation to help you become more determined. This is usually why people join groups, so that they have many people to motivate them to follow through with getting past an addiction problem.


Talk to a Friend

Talk to a Friend Photo Credit: John Suler

Friends are sometimes easier to talk to than family members. They are usually less likely to judge your actions to the extent that they end up making you feel guilty. I know there are a lot of things I’ve told my best friend that I wouldn’t dream of telling my family. A close friend might be just what you need to muster up the strength necessary to fight an addiction.


Go to Group Meetings

Go to Group Meetings Photo Credit: ShaDn

Group meetings and therapy sessions have been around long enough that most people can attest to their success with them. Many meetings are anonymous, which means no one is out to gab to the neighborhood about who attended the meeting and for what reason. These sessions combine a variety of people so they can support one another through their addiction. Most meetings gather people together who have the same addiction. This makes it easier to understand where someone is coming from and why they are having difficulty with their addiction.


See a Doctor

See a Doctor Photo Credit: Michael Flick

Depending on the seriousness of your addiction, seeing a doctor is another option. Sometimes a doctor isn’t brought in until all other resources have been tried. However, there are some cases of addiction where doctors are required to assess the situation and prescribe a special type of therapy. It is a good idea to consult a doctor if your addiction is causing serious health issues.

I hope these 8 ways to get over an addiction problem are useful to you or someone you know. I’ve had friends with serious addictions that nearly took their lives and others who have virtually harmless addiction. Each individual dealt with their addictions in a different manner and were able to overcome the obstacles involved with addictions. What other methods do you know of for getting over an addiction?

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