10 Ways to Channel Irritation ...


10 Ways to Channel Irritation ...
10 Ways to Channel Irritation ...

We all get throroughly annoyed and irritated sometimes, and need an outlet for it. The trouble is that we can’t always deal with the real problems. So why not channel it into something useful – or at least amusing …

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Bottle Bank

There is something very therapetic about breaking things when you’re annoyed. But you don’t want to break anything useful, since that will only make you even more annoyed. So gather up your empty glass bottles and jars, and head off to your nearest recycling point for a smashing time (just go at a civilised hour, or you’ll annoy the neighbours).


Annoy a Chugger

You’re bound to have been annoyed at some point by these ubiquitous charity collectors, and I for one feel no guilt at annoying them back when I get the chance. Pretend to be foreign, say ‘No, I don’t care about starving giraffes’, or spend ages giving them all your details and then say ‘oops, sorry, I got that all wrong. Can we start again?’


Fun with Telesales

If these people must bother you, they should at least have the decency to call when you need someone to take out your irritation on. The possibilities are endless, and you can have enormous fun playing games at their expense.



If I’m really cheesed off, and no obliging telesales callers present themselves, I take it out on the pile of washing up that appears in my kitchen (I’m sure I don’t use that many plates …’. The degree of my irritation is demonstrated by how far I get through the pile.


Fast Walking

Going out for a good fast walk is a great stress beater. Try to avoid very crowded areas, as the sheer numbers of people will simply increase your irritation. Pick your place, and walk so fast that people will get out of your way so that they do not get knocked over by your speed.


Climb a Hill

There’s nothing like a nice steep(ish) hill for taking out your frustration! Keep going at a brisk pace for as long as you can before running out of breath. You might be surprised at how far you get.


The Weeds Must Die!

Head out to the garden and ruthlessly evict any weeds that dare to be squatting in your flowerbeds. They’re usually pretty tenacious, so you’ll need to put in some real physical effort. You can also get out the mower and savage the grass.


Doodle on Photos (Paint)

Is there a particular individual behind your annoyance? Remember the fun of doodling a moustache on a picture of someone you hated? Copy a photo of the guilty party into Paint and get creative. Just don’t save the picture if there’s a chance they might see it.


Crush Nuts

No, not those kind. Place some nuts in a plastic bag, tie it firmly, and then get medieval with a rolling pin. Bashing them brutally will be very therapeutic, and then you can make a cake and pig out.


Dismantle Furniture

Got any old furniture lying around the yard ready for disposal? If it’s only fit for the trash, get out a hammer and smash it into pieces. Do be careful of your own safety though – smashing your thumb with a hammer is not going to improve your mood.

What ways do you use of channeling your irritation?

Top Photo Credit: Damien Cox

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I am not sure what this is doing here. But it was quite an entertaining post. :) funny stuff...

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