7 Ways to Deal with a Bad Day ...


7 Ways to Deal with a Bad Day ...
7 Ways to Deal with a Bad Day ...

Girls, we all have them: days when stuff just refuses to go as planned. Unfortunately, the world won’t grind to a halt to make life easier so, ladies, the only solution is, in the words of Dory, to ‘just keep swimming.’ Here’s a list of handy hints to help you out with that …

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Recognise It Early

Often, if something goes wrong first thing in the morning, I find the tone has been set for the rest of the day. Don’t fight it girls, but don’t give in to it either. Just put your head down, grit your teeth and march through those hellish hours.


Be Productive

If it’s a bad day ladies, there’s no enjoying it. You might as well get on with all those tasks you hate to do anyway. Pay your bills or clean the bathroom: getting those chores out of the way means they won’t infect a perfectly great day in the near future!


Don’t Skip the Workout

I know girls; on a bad day, hitting the gym is not an appealing prospect. Apart from anything else, it’s always packed with super perky fitness nuts – the last people you want to see when you feel like the world hates you. But trust me ladies, once those endorphins get going, I promise things will look a whole lot brighter.


Bite Your Tongue

Feeling down is bound to set your nerves on edge so that on a bad day, your family, friends and colleagues will almost certainly irritate you. Force yourself not to snap or lash out; you’ll only regret the outburst later, and, girls, this will make you feel a whole lot worse.


Take a Moment

If things get too much for you, don’t try to carry on as normal. Instead of humiliating yourself by cracking up in a meeting, excuse yourself at an opportune moment and head out to take a breath, collect your thoughts and regroup.


Treat, Don’t Overeat

If it’s really one of those days, girls, you’re allowed to indulge. Grab a bar of chocolate or snack on a muffin with your lunch; the carbs will help to sustain an energy kick and cocoa is a proven mood enhancer. But, ladies, a word of caution: don’t let a little nibble turn into an uncontrollable binge. Overeating will definitely only make you feel worse and add guilt to the long list of bad day anxieties.


Congratulate Yourself

At the end of those awful hours, take some time for yourself. Run a bath, relax; order in instead of cooking. Make sure you get to bed early and enjoy a great night’s rest; after all, as Scarlett O’Hara says, ‘tomorrow is another day!’

Got any tips for dealing with bad days girls? What do you to get yourself through a slump? Drop me a line, ladies; I’d love to know what you think …

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always be productive

I just avoid making important decissions on those days

I love this article, I have a lot of bad days and always need different ways to handle it, but a way that I cope with bad days is by reminding myself of all the great things that are going on in my life and the good things always make me feel a lot better.

Thanks for posting this! I just had the worst day in a while and this made me feel better and look on the bright side.

this helped so much! especially the "be productive" part! thanks a million! I usually take a nap. It makes me FEEL like I'm starting a new day, when really I'm just continuing the one I already started! :)

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