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It really is true that little things can make us feel really good. Something as simple as seeing a cheeky little sparrow or seeing my cats do something silly boosts my mood, and that’s definitely good for both mind and spirit. So here I’ve suggested some simple ways of making yourself feel good.

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Take a Nap

You don’t have to be a senior to enjoy the benefits of a good nap. 20 minutes of shut-eye can leave you feeling very refreshed. If you don’t like to sleep during the day, then try simply lying down and relaxing, or meditating.


Look at Something Beautiful

When I say look at something beautiful, I don’t mean give it a glance and then move on. Really look at it – go right up to a flower, for example, notice the details, examine the colours, maybe even touch it. Appreciate its beauty.


Enjoy the Sun on Your Face

You know how you feel when you wake up and the sun’s come out after days of rain? Instantly your mood lifts. The sun really does make us feel positive, so get outside and enjoy feeling the warmth on your face.


Stroke a Pet

Probably best avoided if you keep something less ‘user-friendly’ like spiders or piranha. However, fussing a pet is well-known to be beneficial to physical health. I love stroking my cats and hearing them purr, and their fur feels so lovely to touch.


Run down a Hill

Let your inner child out! Find a hill (not too steep) or slope, and start running. Remember how you start laughing as you gather speed and almost can’t stop at the bottom? Freewheeling down a hill on a bike has a similar effect – just make sure thre’s no traffic!


Coffee and Cake

Take yourself out for coffee and a really nice slice of cake. I recommend chocolate fudge! It’s quite a simple and inexpensive treat, and you can relax and read the paper or a magazine. Savour the aroma of the coffee and enjoy every mouthful of the cake.



Many of us spend a lot of time in sedentary activities these days, and our bodies can suffer from the lack of movement. So every now and then stand up and have a good stretch. If you can induce a yawn this feels really good! Stretching is also great in the morning. Stand up as tall as you can and stretch every limb, including fingers and toes.



Do you have a good friend that you haven’t spoken to in a while? Call them up for a chat. Having a really long talk with them (talk on Skype if they’re in another country) can really cheer you up, and you may find yourself talking for hours.


Body Lotion

How often do we put lotion on our hands and forget that the rest of our body needs moisture as well? Give your body a simple treat and slather on some cream all over – you’ll feel really pampered.

What simple ways do you use to make yourself feel good? Have you any failsafe methods? Do you think that we depend too much on spending to feel good, and forget about the simple things?

Top Photo Credit: Ben Heine

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A cup of coffee can always make a difference ;)

Organizing your room or your place is also one way of making yourself feel good inside and out. I mean keep the place clean and surround yourself with beautiful and meaningful things to you. That is really what's important to me about feeling good. =)

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