7 Ways to Get Rid of the Afternoon Slump ...


7 Ways to Get Rid of the Afternoon Slump ...
7 Ways to Get Rid of the Afternoon Slump ...

I’m sure everyone has days where the afternoon becomes hazy and it’s hard to think clearly. I’ve listed 7 ways to get rid of the afternoon slump. This slump is something that affects many people and there are plenty of ways to get rid of it. The tips I’ve mentioned below might come in handy for you. Maybe you’ll be able to pass some of them on to friends and family members as well.

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Drink a Cup of Coffee

A little caffeine boost can be very helpful in the afternoon. I find that even a half of a cup of coffee gives me the kick I need to finish out the rest of the day. I always seem to get run down around 2pm, which is the perfect time to warm up a cup of coffee left over from breakfast. I save the last cup of coffee from the morning pot and store it in the fridge just for this afternoon pick-me-up.


Watch a Funny YouTube Clip

There’s nothing like a good laugh to help me get over that afternoon slump. I have quite a few short videos bookmarked so I can switch over to them whenever I need a quick mood booster. I’m always amazed at how many humorous videos there are online. Most of the ones I like involve animals. I love home videos where people catch their pets doing things out of the ordinary and it’s even better when they add voice-overs to these videos.


Make a Snack

Sometimes I’m running low on energy because I didn’t eat enough for lunch or I completely skipped eating all together. When I get busy in the afternoon it’s hard for me to remember that I need to take a break and eat lunch. If I’m able to take some snacks along with me and eat them whenever I get hungry, then I don’t feel tired in the afternoon for very long. Getting low on energy makes people tired, but it’s very easy to bring up your blood sugar level with a light snack.


Do Some Quick Exercises

Getting the blood pumping usually increases my energy enough to keep going for the rest of the afternoon. Jumping jacks, jogging in place, or even performing some simple stretches are great for a quick pick-me-up. Not everyone is able to take a short break and head to the gym. These exercises can be done in an office setting if need be. You might get some strange looks from coworkers if you work out of a tiny cubicle!


Call up a Friend

I have a good friend who always has a funny story to tell or a new joke that she heard from a friend. I can always count on her to reenergize me with something humorous. If you know of someone who can boost your mood with a single joke or is able to tell you something that will have you laughing for the rest of the day, then I recommend keeping this person’s phone number on speed dial.


Take the Dog for a Walk

I’m fortunate enough to be able to take the dog for a walk whenever I need a break. If I find myself starting to nod off at the computer, I throw on my tennis shoes and head outside to take the dog for a walk. Actually, I think she leads me up the hill and back. Living in the woods means I don’t have to keep my dog on a leash, so she spends most of the walk running ahead and then backtracking to make sure I’m still coming up the road.


Reenergize with a Nap

When all else fails, take a nap. This is my motto. There are some days when nothing seems to make me feel better in the afternoon than a 10 or 15 minute nap. I think this is what my mom has always referred to as a Power Nap. It’s amazing at the boost even 10 minutes of sleep can give you. This short amount of time is perfect for boosting my energy level, but it won’t prevent me from being able to fall asleep in the evening either.

Each of the methods described above help me when I feel a bit run down from the day. I’m sure everyone has a personal technique that works better than everything else. Can you think of other things to add to this list of 7 ways to get rid of the afternoon slump?

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Take a nap if possible. Having some exercises also reenergizes me. I do a little dancing to charge myself back both physically and mentally.

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