8 Quick Cures for Writer's Block ...


8 Quick Cures for Writer's Block ...
8 Quick Cures for Writer's Block ...

Oh no! Not writers block! Not when my life and my bills here are depending on it! Many get writers block and it is perfectly understandable. I am going to be honest for you. Unless something is bothering me a lot, I don’t normally get writers block. I have a great deal to write about and I am so full of words, but there are times where I get it. However, I have heard of people getting writers block a lot. Below, I am going to give you 8 quick cures for writer’s block …

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Take the Dogs for a Walk

Take the Dogs for a Walk Photo Credit: Chrimes.666

If you get writers block, then try taking the dogs for a nice walk. Do this, even if you just took the dogs out. Surely, your dogs are going to enjoy this one. Plus, you are going to benefit from it as the outside helps clear writers block.


Go for a Drive

This one may seem strange to you guys and girls, but when I have writers block, getting in my car and going for a ride helps me. Then, when I come back and sit at my laptop, I feel better and start typing away.



Read Photo Credit: AnnuskA - AnnA Theodora

Yes, I just told you to read if you have writers block. You could either read about the chosen topic or read something that does not relate to the topic. This might help to get your mind flowing. You may find some ideas that will set a spark to your hands.


Go Play Something

What is it that you enjoy doing? Do you enjoy drawing? Sewing? Knitting? Playing games? Personally, I enjoy playing games and drawing. When I have writers block, I either go play or draw. Also, talking to my little girl helps.


Visualize How You Will Feel

You should try visualizing how you are going to feel when you are done with that article, story or research paper. Do you feel the excitement? Do you feel the happiness? Yes, being done with it will feel good!


Make a Goal

Make a Goal Photo Credit: dhammza

Stop what you are doing and make that goal right now. How many words would you like to write in a given day? I write over 15,000 words in a day, but I am a very fast writer/thinker and it’s my job. Perhaps you should start with 3,000 words and work your way up there.


Watch Your Favorite Show

I will admit it right now, I watch Young and the Restless. I don’t normally watch soap operas, but I got hooked on it when I was a kid. When I have writers block, I logon to the CBS site and watch an episode or two. This gets my mind going.


Start Already

The best thing to do is to start. Don’t sit there and procrastinate about it. Open that blank document and get those hands going! You are not going to finish until you start.

There you have 8 quick cures for writers block. These usually work for me, so I am hoping they will help you when you run into this problem. Remember, get enough sleep each night so you can be fully operational the next day. So, what do you do when you have writers block?

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