5 Things to Help Get Your Creative Juices Flowing ...


5 Things to Help Get Your Creative Juices Flowing ...
5 Things to Help Get Your Creative Juices Flowing ...

Go old school with a fabric letter and envelope. If you are an embroidery enthusiast, this is a project that you will enjoy. Note: use fabrics similar in color to the sample for that added whimsical effect.

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Feeling a hankering for something healthy and divine? This open-faced sandwich might just be what you need. The best part: they are easy to prepare.


I love tutorials on making fabric flowers. If you feel the same, here is an easy one for a quick mid-week project. The pearls add elegance, don't they?


We know that Valentine's day has come and gone but these paper dolls will have a space in your kid's imagination all year. Aren't they adorable? Love the dresses, too!


Nothing like affordable and brightly-colored bags to get you creative in the dressing up department. How will you wear these goodies?

We're sure you've seen quite a number of crafty and inventive stuff online today. Please share them with us!

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Wow the sandwitch is mouthwatering...true to the title.

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