8 Ways to Make Use of Traffic Jams ...


8 Ways to Make Use of Traffic Jams ...
8 Ways to Make Use of Traffic Jams ...

Traffic jams can be a real bother sometimes… Actually, they ARE a real bother every time! I can’t decide which is worse, being stuck in an unexpected traffic jam or knowing that there will be one blocking the only road you can use to get where you’re going. You can’t go forward and by the time you realize the jam is not going to clear out anytime soon, it’s too late to turn back too. Sucks, huh? Well, here’s how to make them work for you:

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Good ideas always come up when you are in the most unusual place! I always get my best ideas in the shower and that’s probably the reason why the world doesn’t know about them – there is no such thing as waterproof notebook or tablet so I have nowhere to write them down. Anyways, since car is a considerably more comfortable and less humid place, you might as well do some brainstorming while you wait. And, in case you end up inventing a waterproof notebook, I definitely want a signed copy! Deal?


Tapping into your creative flow can make minutes melt away. Use this time to doodle designs, plan a novel, or brainstorm about your next big project. Since your hands are free (but always ready to move when the traffic does), consider keeping a voice recorder or a hands-free device to safely capture your thoughts. Alternatively, use speech-to-text on your smartphone to jot down those fleeting genius moments. This way, your innovative concepts are neatly captured, and who knows, your traffic-inspired ideas might just be the next big thing to shake up the world!


Eat or Drink

This is a very good idea in case if you often get stuck in those early morning traffic jams. Let’s face it, you’re going to show up late for work and you’re probably going to have to sacrifice some break time to get everything done. However, you have some free time right now, thy not use it to have breakfast? If you are a coffee junkie, and I believe 90% of us apreciate the “coffee bean juice” in the morning, I’m sure you have at least one can of ice coffee somewhere. Glow-compartment, perhaps? Bingo!



How often do you have the chance to just sit around and do nothing? I guess not often enough – nobody has that much free time these days. Well, stressing about it won’t help the line go any faster so save your nerves. Play your favorite tunes, immerse yourself in the sounds and just think random thoughts… you can even sing if you want! Pick up the phone and call that friend who always insists on long conversations you usually have no time for.



Anytime is a good time to meet new and interesting people. Right? Well, lucky you, there is a whole bunch of them around and they are going through the same boring routine. So, isn’t there a better conversation starter than that stupid traffic jam that’s going to make you all show up late? So go outside, stretch your legs and start a conversation with somebody. You never know, maybe you actually meet the man of your dreams or find a friend for a lifetime. I know things like that happen in movies only but it’s worth a shot. Maybe you won’t have a life changing encounter but you’ll definitely kill some time.


Have Fun

You are not the only one in the car? Lucky you! Getting stuck in the traffic jam and being the only person in the car sucks double time. Now, even if you have people to talk to, there might be an issue of what to talk about. Car is probably not the good place to open up a discussion on why he’s always moody when the two of you are supposed to visit your parents. So try to find an interesting engaging topic or suggest a game to help take your minds off the fact that you’re stuck in there. A game like “truth or dare” could be the perfect one, especially if you’re dying to know more about certain things. Word games and funny games will help ease the tension too.


Make up a Weird Excuse

If your every week goes like: Monday, Tuesday, Stuck-in-the-traffic-jamsday etc. people probably know why you are late. So try a different approach this time and make up an unbelievably creative excuse. You can use everything, from dogs that eat homework for breakfast to aliens that had turned their map upside-down, landed in your front lawn and threatened they are going to get you more pregnant than Kate Gosslin and Octomom , if you don’t tell them how to get to the nearest intergalactic docking station. Why not? It’s definitely better than showing up all pissed off and sharing yet another traffic jam story. You’ll make one person laugh and that’s definitely a good thing.


Fix or do Your Make-up

If you don’t do make-up because you’re constantly in a hurry to get to work, here’s your chance to shine. Everybody will notice that you look different/well rested/happy today. Traffic jams can last anywhere from just a couple of minutes to a full hour or even more, so you have plenty of time. You know… some people say women are bad drivers because they do their make-up in the car. Well, I have something to say to them – A traffic jam is a state in which one’s car fails to move due to the large number of motor vehicles present and the inability of the road to expand to such a degree that would allow undisturbed traffic flow! Duh! Do you see my car moving? If not, then I’m allowed to do what I want.



Supermarket discount leaflet, magazine, a book– anything will do! I would definitely suggest a magazine because you can flip the pages and just read the things that seem the most appealing at the moment. If the jam doesn’t clear out by the time you’re done with the random reading, start going page by page until you’re down to the last one. Although I hope you won’t be stuck in traffic for so long…

Now, have in mind that none of these things would make traffic jams interesting, just less irritating. But do share your tips on how to cope with them. Is there a special strategy you apply? How often you get stuck in traffic jams, anyways?

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Phone your family and friends and catch up with them.

get out of your car, knock on someone's window, and ask "would you happen to have a crate and barrel catalog on you?" or something like that. 10 points if they do have your random item!!! warning: this may be weird and annoying to some drivers- choose your victim wisely!

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