7 Things That Make Me Experience Writer's Block ...


7 Things That Make Me Experience Writer's Block ...
7 Things That Make Me Experience Writer's Block ...

Ah that writer’s block! I totally hate it and knowing that it might happen when I’m not expecting to be “disabled” really scares me. I mean, imagine you have an important job to finish up and you keep experiencing a huge block day, after day, after day! Now, I don’t know what causes your mind to shut down but there are some things I’m having problems with:

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Sunny Days

Most people find sunny days inspiring! I do too… for everything except writing, unfortunately. Knowing that it’s a sunny day outside fills my mind up with a lot of positive thoughts and sometimes, the number of those thoughts is so big that I can’t concentrate on just one thing. One moment I’m thinking about this, the next moment I’m thinking about that and before you know it, I need to take a break and get my thoughts sorted out.


Change of Work Environment

Nothing gives me a bigger, more lasting writer's block as the dramatic change of environment in which I work for. Different computer and a different room can significantly affect my inspiration. My "muse" does surprise me sometimes so the change is not always for worse. In fact, getting a new computer has actually given me an inspiration and a chance to write wherever and whenever I want.


Narrow Spaces

My fiancé’s computer, for example, is one of the worst possible places I could ever work in. Located under the wall mounted TV, placed in the corner, with two huge shelves marking the ends of a triangular desk … well, it’s literally like a Bermuda triangle in there – every good idea, every witty sentence gets lost in the speed of light!


Being Too Rested

Believe it or not, I can’t just jump out of bed and start typing. I don’t know why but I never could! I just don’t have the patience to keep my butt glued to the chair in the morning. Best of my works have been written either at some time after lunch or very late at night. In fact, I sometimes jump out of bed and postpone my sleeping time just because I suddenly had a great idea.


Music and Noises

I can study, solve mathematical and statistic problems and read while the music is playing but, when it comes to writing and talking, all noises are a distraction for me. I’m sure that is, by far, one of the strangest things you’ve ever heard but that’s just the way it is with me. LOL! I told you I’m a strange one!


Knowing That I Have to do Something

Knowing that I have some things waiting for me is the biggest mind blocker ever. I’m constantly going through that imaginary list of things I’ll need to do after and I just get stuck. That’s why I always do my chores before I sit to write and, since, I’m not really an early morning type of writer, it all works out quite nicely.


Important News

Yes! Important news, good or bad ones, can make my brain freeze totally. You know the feeling you have when you’re excited about something and you just can’t focus yourself on doing anything else than thinking about the news? Well, that’s exactly what troubles me when I’m about to write, I just can’t hear any news or the next few hours of my time are ruined. Now, one good thing about it is that I’m used to shutting down my phones when working so I’m doing all I can do to postpone any news as well as stop people from bothering me while I’m working.

Do you often have problems with writers block? I’d have to say this year is working out nicely so far, at least when speaking about the lack of writer’s block.

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I am not a good writer but I even cant comment on cloudy day as it makes me lazy.

Narrow spaces are just a killer for me. Some of the other things strangely work for me though. Like for example sunny days. And cloudy days just make lazy!

For #5, I'm the same way! For mindless stuff like math or translating a languague (well relatively mindless to me), I can listen to music. But when I have to read, or write, I can't have any noise distracting me.

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