8 Things to Try ...Even if You're Not Very Good ...


8 Things to Try ...Even if You're Not Very Good ...
8 Things to Try ...Even if You're Not Very Good ...

I’ve always wanted to try painting, but when I was at school only those who showed particular talent were given attention. So I wonder how many people have been deterred from trying something out for fear of being ‘no good at it’. Well, it’s time to let go of that fear – it doesn’t matter if you’re not that good! Here are some things to try, regardless of ability.

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You don’t need to have professional aspirations to enjoy singing. Instead, just sing to yourself around the house (not just in the shower), and enjoy the pleasure of letting your voice loose. Sing along to the radio, or by yourself, and don’t worry what you sound like. It’s just for fun!



As mentioned above, I was put off art at school, but I’m still really interested in trying it out and seeing what I can do. So I’m looking into art classes next term. So what if my efforts aren’t impressive? I can always paint over the picture and start again - or just enjoy expressing myself.



Whether it’s on the ice, or inline skating, putting on those wheels or blades is bound to be a lot of fun. It may involve a lot of falling over as well, but that’s part of the fun! If you don’t take yourself too seriously, and don’t care if you look silly, then grab some skates.



How many would-be writers get depressed because they can’t earn money from their writing? Yes, it’s great to make a living from something they enjoy, but it’s also good just to enjoy and express yourself. Poetry, blogging, song lyrics, e-books – there are so many ways now of getting your thoughts on paper or screen.


Growing Things

I was definitely not blessed with green fingers – even cacti are not safe with me. It’s worth having a go at growing some tasty veggies or colourful flowers. Just sprinkle some seeds in your garden, or buy some seedlings, and see what you end up with.


Taking Photographs

The arrival of digital cameras has been a huge boost to the photographically inept like me. Instead of being limited to just a few prints, which you don’t see until they’re developed, you can now immediately see the picture and try again and again until you’re happy with the results. You never know – some of them might be quite good!



If you own your own home, or live in a rental that you’re allowed to decorate, then try out your ‘skills’. Painting is probably preferable to wallpaper, as it’s easier to change and less likely to go badly wrong. Cheaper than employing someone, and you might be surprised at the results.


Chatting Someone up

Who is really confident about approaching someone and chatting them up? We’re so afraid of making a fool of ourselves that we don’t bother. Well, so what if they aren’t interested – you’ll never know unless you try, and you might meet someone you really like.

We’re conditioned to believe that something is only worth doing if we can make money from it, or if you’re really talented. Why care though if you’ll never be famous or make a living out of something? Why not enjoy doing it just for the sake of it?

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Beware neighbour...I will sing. MUhahaha

Time to buy some ear plugs then! LOL

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