6 Colours and How They Affect Your Mood ...


6 Colours and How They Affect Your Mood ...
6 Colours and How They Affect Your Mood ...

How much thought do you give to choosing colours? Most people would say hardly any, picking their favourite from the selection available, so you might be surprised to learn how much of an effect colours can have on our moods! While colours can be subjective, most have a universal effect, and I was really surprised to learn how much of an impact they can have on our daily lives. Here are my six effects everyone should know about...

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Black Photo Credit: OiMax

Black is a very powerful, strong colour. It consumes all other light in the colour spectrum, and is often used to represent strong characters such as Dracula, or witches. Some cultures link black to death and mourning, others to rebirth and life. The strong link? Black's power. Think about how black is used...black belt, black tie, black market...and that most people dress in black to work. Black gives the feeling of importance, control and strength.



White Photo Credit: Il conte di Luna

White is often used to portray innocence and naivety. It is a very pure colour, and is often used in new houses, to make rooms look bigger and brighter. It's also a very cold colour, though, giving the effect of sterile blandness. Rooms which are painted white often look bigger, but they seem empty and unlived in. White can make us feel pure; or empty.



Red Photo Credit: emrank

Red is a colour that always evokes strong emotions. It is often associated with passion, love and lust, and this can make it both a sexy and comforting colour. It can also be linked to anger and excitement, and is generally responsible for intense feelings. Consider things people often buy in red...red lingerie and red dresses, and the expressions "painting the town red", and "seeing red". Red happens to be my favourite colour, too, which indicates that I live for intensity and feeling alive.



Blue Photo Credit: spettacolopuro

Blue is the most common favourite colour, especially for men. It is a calm colour, and is often described as being sterile, tranquil, calm and serene. Studies have shown that people are more productive in rooms that are painted blue, and that it can sometimes cause feelings of sadness and confusion. Blue is also a colour often used by dieters, as it is the least appetizing colour. Using blue plates and cutlery can limit how much you eat! Showing patients the colour blue has also been proved to lower pulse rate and body temperature.



Green Photo Credit: sabarishr

Green is another colour that seems to indicate very different feelings. For some, it indicates nature, and tranquillity. It feels healthy, and pure. It is also often the colour associated with jealousy, and hurt. In the 15th Century, green was used as a fertility symbol, and green rooms are often used to calm nerves, relieve stress and begin healing. Green rooms have even been proved to reduce stomach aches!



Orange Photo Credit: mkw87

Orange is a combination of yellow and red, and is often seen as an energetic, bouncy colour. It is often used to attract attention, such as on road signs and in advertising campaign. A recent study found that participants linked orange with excitement, enthusiasm, and warmth, which makes it a great colour to incorporate into your home. Avoid yellowy-orange, though, as yellow rooms can cause headaches.

I loved researching these colours! Suddenly I know why my monochrome room always makes me feel powerful yet calm, and I'm planning on painting my kitchen blue and white. And if I can find some gorgeous green accessories, they'll definitely make it into my bathroom! Do you agree with these colour meanings? Please let me know!

Top Photo Credit: Marc A. Sporys (two weeks @ corsica)

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Also, studies show that if there is purple a child's room, it develops his/her imagination.

I think these are true! Mostly black- the facts really do point to power :D

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