9 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Work out Every Day ...


9 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Work out Every Day ...
9 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Work out Every Day ...

I always have good intentions at the start of the year, and plan exactly when I’m going to work out.... but while I can think of a huge list of reasons why I should work out, I can think of a huge list of why it can wait until tomorrow, too! So I’ve researched the top nine ways to motivate yourself into exercising everyday, and if you are anything like me, they should help you get going!

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The Feel Good Feeling Afterwards

The Feel Good Feeling Afterwards Photo Credit: Roumiyah Al Sahaly

That amazing feeling once you’ve done a proper workout is more than worth it! Even if you feel exhausted and rubbish when you start, you get that buzz and feel on top of the world when you are done, and what could be more motivating?



Calories Photo Credit: Rune T

If I’m really struggling, I think about the ‘free’ snack I can have later with the calories I’ll have burnt off. This can also work if you get half way through and can’t continue... a chocolate or two is the perfect motivation to work a little harder!



Bikinis! Photo Credit: G_iG_i

Some people are visually stimulated, and if that’s you, motivate yourself by thinking of a new, slimmer, more toned you. Picture yourself in your bikini, and you’ll find yourself working a little harder!


Read a Weight Loss Blog

Read a Weight Loss Blog Photo Credit: melop

Reading about people who are losing weight, doing a challenge or offer low fat recipes always motivates me to work a bit harder, or to try their techniques. Try signing up for a few and reading them before you exercise...


Success Stories

Success Stories Photo Credit: blackbiscuits

Try reading some inspirational success stories and looking at the pictures... as well as motivating you into working a little harder, you might pick up some hints and tips too!



Rewards Photo Credit: cabbit

If I am having a really terrible day, I work out for a reward. If your whole plan is going wrong, promise yourself some new jeans if you work out every day for a week, or some earrings for finishing today’s work out. Just try to avoid rewarding yourself with food!

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Feeling Attractive

Feeling Attractive Photo Credit: enovember

It might be shallow, but it can be a great motivator! You’ll look super skinny the next day, and look generally healthier and much more attractive. Meaning you don’t need so much make up, and get more time in bed! Bonus!



Stress Photo Credit: pvera

Everyday life can be so stressful, and sometimes it’s really hard to unwind! Exercising is the perfect way to release stress and tension, while also being really good for you and making you look great too. And of course less stress means less wrinkles!


Me Time

Me Time Photo Credit: B℮n

Make exercise your you time. Work out, and then treat yourself to a lavish bath with some gorgeous scented candles and an expensive moisturizer. Then relax after with your favourite programme or some books, and chill out... it’s the perfect motivation!

Once you get started, it’s so much easier to keep going! Give yourself targets to get finished, and once you have, reward yourself! I’ve found exercising so much easier since I’ve started using these tips, so I hope they work for you too! Have you got a tip for making yourself work out? Please let me know!

Top Photo Credit: Konstantin Sutyagin

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One thing I have noticed over the decades is that when I do get into a regular exercise routine, usually Mountain Biking, my body begins to crave the exercise and I will actually get the jitters ans something akin to an anxiety attack if I don't go for a ride. I think it might have something to do with what you mentioned in your first point. The feeling good afterwards. Except that feeling usually kicks in half way through my ride and lasts for hours afterwards. Better than caffeine! Endorphins boost my sense of well being and spark a huge creative boost in me! It is very addictive. Now that the weather is warning up I am biting at the bit to get on a mountain bike again and ride :D

Since i found Total Woman Gym and Spa I love working out everyday and get quite cranky if I cannot go. I also love mountain biking and feel very confident wearing a mini skirt after a good ride!

I motivate myself by watching the olympics D: I see the athlete's rockin bodies and I jog in place or skip rope while watching. hahahaha nerdyyyy =)

i love working outtttt. love being bikini ready lol

Number 1, 3, and 7 are currently my reasons for working out. It's almost summer and gotta be fit in my bikini. haha

Thank you... Im in desperate need of motivation!

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