7 Reasons to Change Gyms ...


7 Reasons to Change Gyms ...
7 Reasons to Change Gyms ...

I visit my gym several times a week, so I spend a lot of time there. I also spend money to be there, with my membership fees every month, so I want to make sure I’m getting the best gym I can for the money. Shouldn’t you do the same? If you’re not feeling the love for your gym right now, you might be wondering if you’re just being too critical, or if it’s just time to find a new gym. No worries! Here are seven good, valid reasons to change gyms…

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The Equipment Isn’t Maintained

The Equipment Isn’t Maintained Photo Credit: ohkayeor (Roamin' Again)

If you’ve noticed that the equipment machines or hand-held equipment isn’t maintained well or regularly, that’s a safety concern, and certainly a reason to bring it up to gym management. If they don’t address your very valid equipment concerns, you may want to consider changing gyms.


When you're hitting the gym, reliable and functional equipment is non-negotiable. It's not just about being able to use a variety of machines for a complete workout; it's also about your safety. Wear and tear on gym apparatus should never be overlooked—frayed cables, unstable machines, or cracked weights can lead to accidents or injuries. Take note if there's dust or rust, or if 'out of order' signs become a permanent fixture. Furthermore, a gym that prioritizes its members' welfare will swiftly repair or replace faulty equipment, reflecting their commitment to quality.


They Don’t Offer Extras

They Don’t Offer Extras Photo Credit: ymcapdx

Most gyms offer free or very discounted classes, like yoga, zumba, kick-boxing, and more. If your gym doesn’t, ask management whether they’d be willing, or have the space, to offer a class that interests you. If not, then it may be time to look elsewhere, or to consider a new gym.


It’s Filthy

It’s Filthy Photo Credit: berthacrowley

Granted, it’s nearly impossible to keep gym showers clean enough to keep athlete’s foot infection at bay, which is why we all wear flip-flops in the shower at the gym. But if the shower, locker room, or gym are just filthy, that’s inexcusable, and is a very good reason to think about switch gyms.


There Are Too Many Meat-heads

There Are Too Many Meat-heads Photo Credit: ericschoon

For me, there’s nothing more intimidating than trying to work out in the same gym as a bunch of muscle-bound meat-heads. Even though I know I’m using the equipment correctly, I can’t stand their snide comments and I’ll often just use the elliptical machine rather than deal with their stares and criticism. If your gym attracts meat-heads, definitely try to find one that’s a little more girl-friendly.


There Are Too Many Divas

There Are Too Many Divas Photo Credit: carrieoke13

Have you ever worn a face-full of make-up, a skimpy work-out outfit, and perfect hair for working out? Me neither! Do you go to the gym to stand next to the equipment and chat with your friends? Me neither! If your gym is crowded with divas who seem more interested in gossip and meeting men than in using the equipment they’re hogging, then it’s time to start looking for a new gym.


It’s Too Crowded

It’s Too Crowded Photo Credit: Ana Santos

If you’re having to wait in line for an elliptical, or to finish your set on the sled, or if the locker room is always crowded, then you might need to consider going to the gym at a different time of day. If it’s always packed, from morning til night, then the gym might just be over-full… and it might be time to find a new one.


The Staff Isn’t the Best

The Staff Isn’t the Best Photo Credit: jumpergirl

The staff at my gym is helpful and friendly, from the girl at the front counter doing check-in, to the personal trainer and even the girl who makes the protein shakes. If the staff at your gym seems snarky, or if they’re never there when you need them, start looking for a new gym at once… or just learn how to use the equipment, or make your own shakes, when you CAN find someone.

It’s tough sometimes to know when to switch gyms, but if any of these are happening with any regularity, or if you notice them more and more, then it may be time. Do you have any other ways to know when it’s time to find a new gym? Do you have a bad gym story to share? Please let me know!

Top Photo Credit: fuzzirella

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