7 Reasons to Get a Tortoise ...

Itโ€™s time to give your child some responsibility and a new companion to play with. It can be hard to find the right pet to give your kid, because so many of them die easily or can be very dirty. Reptiles such as a tortoise donโ€™t dirty the cage much or take too much time to care for. Let me give you some reasons why you should get your family this little companion.

7. They Donโ€™t Cost Much

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Photo Credit: Kiwi~Steve

When it comes to buying a pet for you or your kid, you donโ€™t want to pay much to get one. You can practically get a Tortoise under 30 to 40$. However, you will be spending about 20 to 30 more on cage supplies. Food is going to be cheap so donโ€™t worry about the food expenses either.

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