8 Reasons to Date Your Best Friend ...


8 Reasons to Date Your Best Friend ...
8 Reasons to Date Your Best Friend ...

Wow, you date your best friend? Okay, that’s cool, but be warned, because you could end up losing that best friend forever. However, where there are cons, there will always be pros. Below, I am going to give you 8 reasons to date your best friend.

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You Are Attracted to Each Other

You Are Attracted to Each Other Photo Credit: prastost

If you are attracted to each other in that way, then why not date them? If the two of you have chemistry going on, then there’s nothing wrong with dating your best friend.


You Already Know Each Other

You Already Know Each Other Photo Credit: Cherry Kisses

You already know each other. You know each other’s likes, dislikes, needs and desires. This is perfect material to date. Don’t you think? Unless, of course, you think you know too much about each other.


You Can Tell Them Anything

You Can Tell Them Anything Photo Credit: rthustler1

You know that you can tell your best friend anything, right? When you start dating each other, nothing should change, unless, of course, you let it change.


Won’t Cheat on You with Your Best Friend

Won’t Cheat on You with Your Best Friend Photo Credit: Sanne - Le Lys photography

Hey, there is an advantage here! You know your best friend is not going to cheat on you with your best friend. Isn’t that great? You know, because they ARE/WERE your best friend.


You Know Each Other’s Relationship History

You Know Each Other’s Relationship History Photo Credit: Michelle from Buffalo

If you date your best friend, then one of the benefits would be that you already know about each other’s relationship history. You know what went wrong in the past, so you know what to avoid.


You Know Each Other’s Fantasies

You Know Each Other’s Fantasies Photo Credit: Ginas Pics

This is a good one. People share their fantasies with their best friends, right? This is good, then. Because your best friend knows your fantasies, they know what you want!


You Are Comfortable with Each Other

You Are Comfortable with Each Other Photo Credit: me_on_flickr

Since they are your best friend, you are going to feel comfortable with them when you first start to date. For some, it may feel awkward at first, so prepare yourself for this one.


You Have a Lot in Common

You Have a Lot in Common Photo Credit: .Bradi.

Obviously, you and your best friend do have a lot in common. This is great, because now that you are dating, you can enjoy doing those things you have in common together.

There are 8 reasons to date your best friend. If you have a best friend of the opposite sex, could you see yourself dating them? Why or why not?

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This would work for some people. It's a matter of risking the friendship. For me, I liked a guy and we became close friends over a matter of months but he never made a move and I was thinking 'okay, he'll just be my best friend' but then finally we began dating. I consider him my best friend. It's what happens when your comfortable and open with someone, sharing laughs isn't a bad thing either :)

Instead of a lot in common you put this. "Obviously, you and your best friend do have a lot in problem"

My husband is my Best friend now. I think I made your post true in reverse order!

i kind of agree, but most of the time you just end up losing a bestfriend and a boyfriend, which is what just happened to me. I think when people become bestfriends of a really high level the feel like they can't live without each other, and that leads to making them believe that they love each other in a romantic way, its rarely ever real love, so people then rush into a relationship that ruins both their friendship and their relationship as a couple. in my opinion i wouldn't risk dating a best friend in my age cause i'm only sixteen but in the future when i get older then maybe, cause then the chances of the relationship lasting are higher, so i baisically don't think teenagers should date their bestfriends but older and more mature people, why not, but only if its real love not bestfriend love.

I've been best friends with this guy a little over 3 years now and I'm only 17 now and we've done so much together and had so many memories... sometimes when we hang out I get the impression that he wants to be more than friends... don't get me wrong I like him and in these past few years I've grown to love him. Im not sure if he feels the same way but I want to tell him how I feel... how do I do it? any idea? all my friends and his say we need to stop with the 'best friends' and date cause eventually everyone sees us getting married. He knows EVERYTHING about me and I know everything about him too.. any advice? I'm very confused /:

I think in a lot of cases, this would be a great idea. The two of you would be so at ease together because you already know eachother so well but at the same time it would be new and exciting and you would learn even more about them. But i would be worried about it possibly going wrong. What happens then? I wouldn't want to lose my best friend over a failed relationship ): I guess you'd just have to go with your gut and hope it works out because it just might! (:

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