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6 Reasons to Be the Girlfriend His Buddies Want to Have around ...

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**By Veronica Cannon **

At the risk of bragging, I have actually been INVITED to come along on more than one “Boys Night Out” with my boyfriend and his buddies – and he wasn’t always the one inviting me. I am considered as one of the best people to ask for advice by my boyfriend’s brothers. I was even allowed to come along on a recent all-guys weekend trip (although I would never actually suggest that). To say the least, when my man and I had a temporary parting of ways, his boys were happy when we got past the nonsense.

I share this with you because I really believe it is a good position to be in. Now, I can tell you through these all-boy sessions I have been witness to some crude behavior I sometimes wished I hadn’t. But I have also been a part of many conversations I can guarantee they don’t share with their girlfriends, sisters, and sure not their mamas. You see, when your significant other’s buddies not only like you, but actually want you around, it works out better for everyone involved. Let me tell you why:

• When the time comes when one of them thinks he’s found girlfriend quality, he’ll ask for your opinion. This can only be a good thing, because you don’t want to be stuck hanging out with a bubble-headed nail tech named Candy.
• When your man is “venting” about the latest fight you’re having, they hopefully won’t be so quick to throw you under the bus or even worse… suggest he needs to be a bachelor.
• When they’re trying to decide where to go to watch the game, you may want your house to get the overall vote. You may be asking, “Why would I want a bunch of guys yelling and spilling beer on my sofa?” I can understand that. They always have Hooters. Plus, I hear some strip clubs are adding televisions so they can watch the game AND the erotic entertainment.
• When a guy’s friend genuinely likes his girlfriend, he typically has more respect for her. So when your guy drinks one too many beers while playing pool, that slutty waitress won’t stand a chance.
• Your man will look like a stud. Men like knowing their girl is a hot commodity. The fact his friends like you and say you’re smokin' makes him look good; which makes him feel good having you around. This is what you want.
• Even when your relationship is on rocky grounds, you will get a more honest answer from his friends. Once I had a boyfriend’s best friend let me in on the fact my boyfriend was cheating on me with his ex. Need I say more?

So support and encourage the time he spends with his friends. Don’t complain that they’re gross and obnoxious (even though they are), don’t roll your eyes and make disgusted faces when they comment about a girl’s ass. Just accept that boys will be boys, be yourself, and you might gain some great friends in the process.

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