7 Best People to Ask for Advice ...

You can know everything in the world, but at one time or another, you’re going to need advice from someone. I am always asking for advice, and I’m lucky enough to have a network of friends and family I can go to whenever I need them. If you’re looking for counsel, here’s my list of the seven best people to ask for advice, and what they can help you with…

1. Mother

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Ask for advice about: fashion, parenting, health, cooking
My mother is my number-one go-to person for advice about almost anything. She’s the most fashionable person I know, so I can always ask for her input on clothes and shoes, but she’s also wise about family matters. When I was a teenager, she gave me the best dating advice ever: If a boy likes you, nothing will keep him from calling you. She was right, and I still go to her for advice.

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