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7 Best People to Ask for Advice ...

By Jennifer

You can know everything in the world, but at one time or another, you’re going to need advice from someone. I am always asking for advice, and I’m lucky enough to have a network of friends and family I can go to whenever I need them. If you’re looking for counsel, here’s my list of the seven best people to ask for advice, and what they can help you with…

1 Mother

Ask for advice about:

fashion, parenting, health, cooking

My mother is my number-one go-to person for advice about almost anything. She’s the most fashionable person I know, so I can always ask for her input on clothes and shoes, but she’s also wise about family matters. When I was a teenager, she gave me the best dating advice ever: If a boy likes you, nothing will keep him from calling you. She was right, and I still go to her for advice.

2 Sister

Ask for advice about:

relationships, fashion, beauty, family

My closest friend in the world is my sister, Melissa. I can call her any day, at any time, to share a laugh, or ask for advice. I can rant about our crazy, dysfunctional family, ask for advice about relationships and kids, and I can also find out what I ought to be wearing. I love my sister!


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3 Best Girlfriend

Ask for advice about:

relationships, fashion, beauty, cooking

If you’re lucky enough to have a good girlfriend, then you have someone you can rely on for advice about all sorts of things, like relationships (should I call him?), fashion (do these pants look okay with this top?), beauty (should I grow my hair out again?), and cooking (what can I make for dinner with chicken and beans and lettuce?). Chances are, she’ll be asking you for advice, too… and that’s what girlfriends are all about!

4 Best Guy Friend

Ask for advice about:

relationships, technology

Guy friends are fantastic for giving you candid, straightforward, and often brutally honest advice about a lot of different things. Not sure why that guy you had a date with last week hasn’t called? Wondering which new iPod or smart phone is right for you? Ask your best guy friend, and be prepared to bribe him with alcohol of some sort.

5 Clergy

Ask for advice about:

faith, religion, morals

Whether you’re deeply religious or simply spiritual, it’s wise to have a clergy member or spiritual leader you can consult about matters of faith and morality. They tend to be more objective, and take great care not to judge or jump to conclusions.

6 Dad

Ask for advice about:

cars, finances

Is there anyone better than your dad to ask about cars or finances? He might not be able to talk about Grey’s Anatomy or Bones, but he sure knows why your car is making that funny noise, and where to invest your money. And your dad will love it when his little girl asks him for advice!

7 Professional

Ask for advice about:

fitness, health, taxes, work

If you have a question that your friends and family can’t help you answer, then you may need to talk to a professional for advice. This is particularly true in legal matters, health and fitness, and (of course), taxes. But don’t fret! Your network of friends and family can still help you choose a professional you can trust.

I’m sure there are dozens of people in your life you can go to for all kinds of advice, but these are just a few. Who do you go to for advice? What kinds of advice do they give? Please let me know!

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