8 Useful Friends to Have ...


8 Useful Friends to Have ...
8 Useful Friends to Have ...

How often do you think ‘I wish I knew someone who could fix this’? Every time that something needs fixing, of course! Naturally you shouldn’t make friends with someone just because they could be useful, but it’s a bonus if your friends have skills that they don’t mind lending. Here are some people that are good to know …

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Big Tattooed Guy

Is there a creepy neighbour bothering you? Or an ex-boyfriend who won’t accept that he’s an ex? You need a friend who’s built like a truck and has muscles the size of most people’s head. All he’ll need to do is stand there, and preconceptions will do the rest.



Hurrah for Gay Best Friends! Every girl really does need one of these. He’s always there when you need him, and will never make a pass at you. And no, you won’t be competing with him for men, since you go for different types …



Sure, we girls are capable of doing all sorts of things these days, but there are some problems around the house that we just can’t fix. Paying a professional costs a small fortune, so a friend who knows how to fix things like plumbing is worth their weight in gold.


One Who Lives Nearby

If you have cats or other small pets, when you go on holiday it’s really useful to have a friend who lives or works nearby, and can pop in daily to check on them. When your friend goes on holiday you can do the same for them.



Sometimes you need a friend who will give you their honest opinion, rather than tell you what they think you want to hear. Of course, you need to be prepared for it, but there are times when you need to hear the blunt truth – especially if you’ve asked them what they really think!



I have one friend who I don’t see very often, due to distance, but when we do meet up it cheers me up just to see him. He has one of those happy faces that makes you smile automatically! Everyone needs a friend who knows how to make them laugh, or does so without even trying.


Strong Friends

Now, this is just plain practical and common sense. Even if we can shift things ourselves, why do so if someone else can do it for us? So when you’re moving house or collecting some heavy items, get some strong friends to help, and reward them with some beers afterwards.


Online Friends

There are times when you really need to talk to someone, or are bored, but all your ‘real’ friends are busy with their own lives. Online friends may not be quite the same, but they can really come into their own. Usually someone will be online, so you can offload whatever is bothering you, or simply have a good chat. Since they don’t know you in the same way, they can also look at the situation with a more detached eye.

What do your friends mean to you – are there any that occupy a particular role in your life, and what do you do for them?

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