7 Reasons to Donate Blood ...


7 Reasons to Donate Blood ...
7 Reasons to Donate Blood ...

I’m blood type O negative, which means I’m a universal donor… which means that in an emergency where time is of the essence, an injured person can receive my blood when there’s not enough time to test their blood to see what type it is. Since my blood type is so rare, and so helpful, I give blood as often as I can, about every eight weeks. Regardless of your blood type, somewhere out there is a child injured in a car accident, or a mother-to-be in labor, or a grandfather undergoing heart surgery, all of whom share your blood type and need a transfusion. If you’re nervous about donating blood, please don’t be! Here is my list of seven reasons to donate blood…

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You Could Help save a Life

Photo Credit: Tim Leverett

Every day, thousands of people, old and young alike, need blood transfusions to help them survive an injury or surgery, or due to a long-term illness. Your donation can help save their lives, and how often do we get a chance to save someone’s life?


It’s Quick

Photo Credit: dramamath

If you have an appointment, donating blood is quick. From the initial check-in to the last cookie crumb, it can take less than one hour. And can you think of a better way to spend an hour?


You’ll Feel Good inside

Photo Credit: Southern Blood Services Region

You know how good it feels to give someone you love a gift they enjoy, and giving blood actually feels that rewarding, too. You’ll take a great deal of pleasure knowing you might be helping to save the life of a new mother, an injured child, or someone’s favorite uncle.


It’s Relatively Painless

Photo Credit: chicago red cross
I’ll be perfectly candid: I’m a sissy about pain. I hate needles. And giving blood involves a little pain and a terrible-looking needle. But it’s not as intimidating or painful as it may look. Take it from me, a notable wuss — it’s really not that bad.


You’ll Be among Other Great People

Photo Credit: American Red Cross

Who else will be there while you’re donating blood? There are the cheerful, friendly nurses, the kind, helpful volunteers dispensing cookies and juice and conversation, and other generous donors. So you’ll be in very good company while you’re giving blood. I’ve actually made friends I’ve kept for years while giving blood.


There’s Always the Free Juice and Cookies after

Photo Credit: Southern Blood Services Region

Who doesn’t love juice and cookies? After giving blood, you’ll be given a chance to rest and you’ll be given your choice of water or juice (apple or orange) and a range of tasty snacks (Oreos, shortbread cookies, cheese crackers, or pretzels). Take advantage and indulge! You’ve just done a wonderful, giving thing!


People Will Have to Be Nice to You All Day Long!

Photo Credit: laddertothestarsx

When you’ve donated blood, the Red Cross gives you a sticker badge to wear all day that says “Be nice to me! I gave blood today!” I’ve noticed that people are very nice to you when they see you’ve donated blood, and a few times, total strangers have stopped me on the street to tell me about a friend or loved one who was saved with a blood donation.

Having read this list, I hope you won’t be nervous or hesitant about donating blood, and that you’ll call the Red Cross or visit their website to schedule an appointment to donate blood as soon as you can! Have you ever donated blood? What was your experience like? Can you share any other reasons to donate blood? Please let me know!

Top Photo Credit: Southern Blood Services Region

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Thanks guys :D and yes...im scared of needles DX how bad does it hurt :'c ? nah actually your right it is for a great cause after all and if there are no side effects than OKAY im in (when im in my 30's :p)! and im Australian and the age to donate is 16-18 with a parents consent. so all's good :) but the thing is... will there be any diffrence in age? i mean is the blood just as good? Thank you.

What a great post, Jennifer - it certainly does save lives. Mine is one of them, my sister's, my mother ... please everybody, if you can, donate blood.

very true :D. though...I'm still kind of scared, i want to donate blood perhaps when im older though for sure like when im in my 30's? is that okay? and are there any harmful affects?

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