10 Reasons to Move Abroad ...


10 Reasons to Move Abroad ...
10 Reasons to Move Abroad ...

Have you ever had a longing to experience life in another country? I did for years, before I was able to make it a reality. Now that I did, I’m so glad that I made it happen, as there are so many positive aspects to living abroad. Here are just some of them.

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The Weather

The Weather Photo Credit: algo

I have to say this, I’m English. We are obsessed with it, and the fact that everyone else gets better weather than we do. Not surprising, when the English summer lasts about 2 days and the rest of the year means dull grey skies.


Because You’ve Always Wanted to

Even if it doesn’t work out, at least you can say you gave it a go, which is better than staying at home and wishing you’d done it. You can also learn from your mistakes and try again later.


You Can Meet Lots of Hot Men!

It’s funny how foreign men always seem so much better looking than those at home. So pack those bags and enjoy flirting and ‘window-shopping’.


Living in a Country is the Best Way to Learn a Language

Living in a Country is the Best Way to Learn a Language Photo Credit: Horia Varlan

There is no substitute for daily exposure when it comes to improving your knowledge of a foreign language. By chatting to friends, shop assistants, people in the street, and whoever you can find, you will learn so much faster than just by taking a class. It’s also beneficial to hear the language spoken by native speakers.


It’s an Adventure

Sure, some things will be the same as at home – you still have to work, go shopping, do your laundry etc, but you will have the opportunity to live in a different culture. Just don’t expect everything to be the same as at home!


Avoiding Annoying Family Members Becomes Easy

Avoiding Annoying Family Members Becomes Easy Photo Credit: Kat...

The cost of plane flights is always a useful excuse for avoiding visiting them, and you can put them off visiting you by moving into a house that has no spare room. Moving to the other side of the globe is an especially useful tactic.


You Have the Opportunity to Learn about a Different Way of Life

Some cultures are quite similar to our own, while others are completely different. If you have a sense of curiosity, and embrace the differences, you should have a positive experience.


Helps Understand

Helps Understand Photo Credit: moriza

Being a ‘stranger in a strange land’ can help teach you what it is like for people who emigrate to your own country. It’s easy to think that people don’t try to integrate or learn the language – one thing I have learned is that although these are important, it’s not so easy, and a lot of persistence is required!


It Can Give You a Lot of Confidence

Learning to cope with all the changes, the strange language and customs, and the fact that you are not surrounded by familiarity any more teaches you a lot of valuable skills, and that you can cope with new situations.


Easier if on a Work Mission

Easier if on a Work Mission Photo Credit: Kat...

If your work gives you the opportunity to spend a period of time abroad, it is well worth taking it. Going with the support of a company is much easier than making the move as an independent, and it will likely be for a fixed period of time. So if it turns out not to be for you, you can return home.

Have you ever dreamt of living abroad, or are you happy in your own country? What would be your dream destination? Or have you already made that move? How did it work out and what advice would you give?

Top Photo Credit: cori kindred

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I would love to go travelling its just I'm too busy now and I have to cope with other things. Later when I save enough money I am definitely going to Italy!

it's my whole life dream...

I'm European and I'd love to live in New York or Los Angeles. But, on the other hand, I'm used to my country's culture and I don't know if I would adjust to living in the USA.

I've moved to France to study in university and I gotta say. moving abroad is an awesome thing :)

oh i would LOVE to live in europe somewhere ....

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