9 Reasons to Go Camping ...


9 Reasons to Go Camping ...
9 Reasons to Go Camping ...

It’s time to hit the open wild and be one with nature! Why not go out and have a blast in the outdoors with your loved one or family? You will find that there are many reasons to go camping and will be listing them in this blog for you. So please read my 9 Reasons to Go Camping…

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Get Away

Get Away Photo Credit: /ltus

This is the most common reason people go camping and that’s to get away from the city or their same routine. A difference in your environment is needed to keep sane and up to pace with everyday living.


It’s Fun!

It’s Fun! Photo Credit: /ltus

You can have loads of fun with your wife or husband in the wild. You can also have more fun with your kids. You can do many things that you normally couldn’t at home. It’s always fun hiking, fishing, or cooking outdoors.


Camp Fire

Camp Fire Photo Credit: J l G G A

Camp fire stories or camp fire marsh mellows have always been my favorite reasons to camp. Some places don’t allow camp fires outside your home, because of burn bans. When you go camping there are more controlled areas for camp fires.



Fishing Photo Credit: /ltus

If you go camping, then you know fishing can be fun. Depending on the place you camp, you can catch some of the best fish to make a nice feast at night. There is nothing like catching dinner and enjoying it with the family.



Hiking Photo Credit: Bev and Steve (in France)

Go on a Hiking trip that allows you to see the wild. You can sneak up on animals and see how they live their everyday life. You can do this with bikes or even on foot. Always be prepared though, because one false move and you might not come back. However, most campgrounds have recues that make sure things are going good.


See the Wild

See the Wild Photo Credit: Greg from Maine

People forget how the wild works and helps people be one with the planet and learn how to respect it. This is a major reason to go camping, because you get to live in the wild for a few days or weeks.



Hunting Photo Credit: utomjording

Some people go hunting on camping trips. This is fun for all men and some women. Hunting for deer or even turkey is fun for most individuals. You can bring a big feast to the camping trip and make sure no one goes hungry.


Father Son or Vice Versa

Father Son or Vice Versa Photo Credit: gabronnie2003

This can go for women too, but it’s a perfect father son or daughter moment. You can to talk to them without a TV or electronic device in front of you and hear what they got to say about things. You also get to live out in the wild.


Test out Your Outdoor Living Skills

Everyone wants to see if they can beat the living of the outdoors. I know I want to learn about everything you need to know about the outdoors in case of an emergency. Always be prepared for the worst and test myself to the limits.

Many people have different times of the year to go camping and have their favorite place to go to. You should do it yourself and see how much it can change you. Do you like camping?

Top Photo Credit: photo61guy

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