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It's timeto get geeky with Windows 7 and tell you why you should use it over all the other operating systems. Many people stick to windows XP and don't want to upgrade. Let me convince you otherwise with my 7 reasons to use windows 7…

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Security Updates

Security Updates Photo Credit: Taller Hikari

We all know that viruses have been becoming a major problem, but what about spywareand backdoors? Well, all of these can be stopped with the new Windows 7 security. It's only a matter of time, before they hack or create a virus that can destroy your computer running Windows XP or Vista.


The New Features

There are tons of new features that allow you to do exactly what you want. The features that allow you manage your files better or find your files easier. You also have a better help service that the other operating systems lack. You also get a better windows player that can be easy to share media with your iPod, x box 360 and other neat gadgets.


Windows Live Essentials

With this program, you can download files faster and easier, share moviesand so much more with a click of a button. You also can make your own movie through the movie making software. You can also share pictures with other people through this program with the picture gallery feature.


Easy Sharing

Remember how hard it was to share files with your work group computers or your home network? It's easier with windows 7 this time. They fixed all the bugs and made it easy to share between your network and with safety of keeping out hackers.


Windows Touch Screen

The touch screen is another good aspect of windows seven. The software is built better and works on all monitors that have touch screen. It supports this program with good better than the other operating systems. You also get to customize the touch screen better.


Direct X11

If you like smooth looking games and better graphics, you need windows 7. Most games and even older games play on windows 7 unlike windows vista and has you playing most PC games in administrator mode. Direct x 11 has a lot to offer all gamers and many people wanting a better smooth look to applications.


64 Bit Support

You computer can handle more information at one time with 64 bit support. Unlike the 32 bit support this has more buffer speeds and keeps the 64 bit processor working smoothly. Just another feature that helps the performance of your computer run more better.

With all this geek talk, do you think you want windows 7 now? There is a lot more that I didn't mention that windows 7 has over the older operating systems. Are you a windows 7 user?

Top Photo Credit: Luan Paulo BR

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